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PDFWAC 478-168-310

Fines and charges.

(1) All borrowers are subject to a uniform system of fines and charges for late return of library material and for replacement costs when required. The dean of university libraries or his or her designee will set the schedule of fines and charges on a regular basis.
(2) The approved schedule of fines and charges will be available on the University of Washington libraries website.
(3) Fines are monetary sanctions for the late return of material.
(4) A fee is levied to defray the costs incurred by the libraries in billing, processing sanctions, and other activities related to the recovery of material.
(5) Replacement charges are levied to pay for the replacement of material. The replacement charges include the cost of the material and the cost of processing the material for the shelves. All library materials, regardless of fines and fees paid, remain state property.
(6) Binding, mending, and damage charges are levied to repair material, to prepare replacement materials for circulation or to compensate for the decreased value of materials due to irreparable damage.
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