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PDFWAC 478-136-012


(1) "Chair" of the committee on the use of university facilities means the person delegated authority by the president of the University of Washington and the chancellors of the University of Washington to authorize the use of university facilities, as provided for herein, for activities which take place on their respective campuses or at locations governed by their respective campuses; who oversee the committee on the use of university facilities for their respective campuses; and who liaise with other chairs to promote coordination in the application of this policy across campuses. The University of Washington attorney general's division shall provide legal guidance to the chair as needed.
(2) "Committee on the use of university facilities" means a committee appointed by the chair of the committee on the use of university facilities, which meets on a schedule to be determined by the chair, to provide nonbinding guidance to the chair on the application of these rules. Committee representatives might include representatives for UW police, environmental health and safety, risk management, student affairs, student government, and faculty and staff representatives.
(3) "Facility" or "facilities" includes all structures, grounds, parking lots, waterfront, and airspace owned or operated by the University of Washington, except where a "facility" is excluded from the application of this rule pursuant to a contract (such as a lease or rental agreement). Specific rules also apply to parking lots, bicycle and skateboard use (chapters 478-116, 478-117, and 478-118 WAC), boat moorage facilities (chapter 478-138 WAC), student housing (chapter 478-156 WAC), airspace use (Executive Order No. 22), nonuniversity speakers on campus (Executive Orders No. 23 and No. 42), and use of facilities by the Associated Students University of Washington (ASUW), Graduate and Professional Student Senate (GPSS), and other affected organizations (Student Governance and Policies, Chapter 202).
(4) "Use of facilities" includes, but is not limited to, the holding of events, the posting and removal of signs, all forms of advertising, commercial activities, and charitable solicitation.
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