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Chapter 468-95 WAC

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WAC Sections

HTMLPDF468-95-017Engineering study and engineering judgment.
HTMLPDF468-95-019Definitions of headings, words, and phrases used in this manual.
HTMLPDF468-95-022Definitions of headings, words, and phrases used in this manual.
HTMLPDF468-95-024Definitions of headings, words, and phrases used in this manual.
HTMLPDF468-95-033In-street pedestrian crossing sign (R1-6a).
HTMLPDF468-95-045Speed limit sign (R2-1).
HTMLPDF468-95-075Higher fines signs and plaque (R2-6P, R2-10, and R2-11).
HTMLPDF468-95-085Two-way left turn only signs (R3-9a, R3-9b).
HTMLPDF468-95-120Traffic signal signs.
HTMLPDF468-95-125Hill blocks view sign.
HTMLPDF468-95-131Bridge ices before road sign.
HTMLPDF468-95-136Advance traffic control signs (W3-1, W3-2, W3-3, W3-4).
HTMLPDF468-95-138Advance ramp control signal signs (W3-7 and W3-8).
HTMLPDF468-95-140Signing to regional shopping centers.
HTMLPDF468-95-143Street name sign (D3-1).
HTMLPDF468-95-145Regulatory signs for preferential lanes—General.
HTMLPDF468-95-148Event signs, banners, and decorations.
HTMLPDF468-95-160Other yellow longitudinal markings.
HTMLPDF468-95-190Pavement edge lines and raised pavement markers supplementing other markings.
HTMLPDF468-95-200Approach markings for obstructions.
HTMLPDF468-95-205Raised pavement markers supplementing other markings.
HTMLPDF468-95-210Raised pavement markers substituting for pavement markings.
HTMLPDF468-95-220Stop and yield lines.
HTMLPDF468-95-230Crosswalk markings.
HTMLPDF468-95-235Preferential lane word and symbol markings.
HTMLPDF468-95-250Meaning of signal indications.
HTMLPDF468-95-260Application of steady signal indications.
HTMLPDF468-95-265Application of freeway entrance ramp control signals.
HTMLPDF468-95-270Meaning of lane-use control indications.
HTMLPDF468-95-280Operation of lane-use control signals.
HTMLPDF468-95-290County road signing.
HTMLPDF468-95-29001Traffic control devices for low-volume roads—Application.
HTMLPDF468-95-29003Traffic control devices for low-volume roads—Design.
HTMLPDF468-95-29005Traffic control devices for low-volume roads—Stop and yield signs.
HTMLPDF468-95-29007Traffic control devices for low-volume roads—One lane bridges.
HTMLPDF468-95-29009Traffic control devices for low-volume roads—Vehicular traffic and nonvehicular signs.
HTMLPDF468-95-29011Traffic control devices for low-volume roads—Center Line markings.
HTMLPDF468-95-29013Traffic control devices for low-volume roads—Edge Line markings.
HTMLPDF468-95-29015Traffic control devices for low-volume roads—Delineators.
HTMLPDF468-95-29017Traffic control devices for low-volume roads—Object markers.
HTMLPDF468-95-29019Traffic control devices for low-volume roads—Pavement markings.
HTMLPDF468-95-29021Traffic control devices for low-volume roads—Markings.
HTMLPDF468-95-300Temporary traffic control.
HTMLPDF468-95-3015Flagger procedures.
HTMLPDF468-95-302Flagger stations.
HTMLPDF468-95-305Motorcycle construction warning sign.
HTMLPDF468-95-306Motorcycles use extreme caution supplemental plaque.
HTMLPDF468-95-307Abrupt lane edge warning sign.
HTMLPDF468-95-310Temporary pavement markings.
HTMLPDF468-95-317Temporary traffic control.
HTMLPDF468-95-322School bus turn signs.
HTMLPDF468-95-325In-street signs in school areas.
HTMLPDF468-95-327Higher fines zone signs (R2-10, R2-11) and plaques.
HTMLPDF468-95-328School crossing assembly.
HTMLPDF468-95-3285In-street signs in school areas.
HTMLPDF468-95-329School bus turnaround ahead (S3-201) sign.
HTMLPDF468-95-330School speed limit assembly (S4-1, S4-2, S4-3, S4-4, S5-1).
HTMLPDF468-95-335When children are present.
HTMLPDF468-95-340School speed limit assembly (S4-1, S4-2, S4-3, S4-4, S5-1).
HTMLPDF468-95-360Crosswalk markings.
HTMLPDF468-95-365Light rail transit signals.
HTMLPDF468-95-370Pavement markings for obstructions.
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