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PDFWAC 448-16-080


The state toxicologist or technician will certify persons found to be competent and qualified, as "instructors." Instructors are authorized to administer breath tests for alcohol concentration using approved instruments and are further authorized to train and certify as operators, according to outlines approved by the state toxicologist, those persons the instructor finds qualified to administer the breath test utilizing approved instruments. Instructors who are also certified as PBT technicians may instruct other individuals as PBT technicians according to the approved outlines.
If an instructor fails or refuses to demonstrate to the state toxicologist, that they have the ability to adequately perform their responsibilities as an instructor, then the state toxicologist will suspend their permit.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 46.61.506. WSR 16-21-025, § 448-16-080, filed 10/10/16, effective 11/10/16; WSR 10-24-066, § 448-16-080, filed 11/30/10, effective 12/31/10; WSR 04-19-144, § 448-16-080, filed 9/22/04, effective 10/23/04.]
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