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PDFWAC 448-16-050

Test defined.

A test of a person's breath for alcohol concentration will consist of the person exhaling end-expiratory air samples at least twice into the instrument, sufficient to allow two separate measurements. There will be sufficient time between the provision of each sample to permit the instrument to measure each sample individually. Two valid breath samples, provided consecutively, will constitute one test.
The instrument will perform this test according to the following protocol when being employed to quantitatively measure an individual's breath alcohol concentration. Successful compliance with each step of this protocol is determined from an inspection of the printout of results. These steps are necessary to ensure accuracy, precision, and confidence in each test.
Step 1. Data entry.
Step 2. Blank test with a result of .000.
Step 3. Internal standard verified.
Step 4. First breath sample provided by subject.
Step 5. Blank test with a result of .000.
Step 6. External standard test. The result of this test must be between .072 and .088, inclusive.
Step 7. Blank test with a result of .000.
Step 8. Second breath sample provided by subject.
Step 9. Blank test with a result of .000.
Step 10. Printout of results.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 46.61.506. WSR 10-24-066, § 448-16-050, filed 11/30/10, effective 12/31/10; WSR 04-19-144, § 448-16-050, filed 9/22/04, effective 10/23/04.]
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