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PDFWAC 434-291-130

Permissible costs in allocation of election expenses.

County auditors may include in the election costs to be allocated pursuant to RCW 29A.04.420 any of the following types of charges:
(1) Salaries, wages, and benefits for precinct officers and part-time or temporary employees whose responsibilities are directly attributable to the election, and for that portion of the time of regular employees (other than the county auditor) which is directly attributable the election;
(2) Supplies specifically required for the election, including stationery, forms, other office supplies, and items for the repair and maintenance of equipment;
(3) Telephone and postage costs which are directly attributable to the election;
(4) Cartage or freight charges for moving or delivering voting machines, voting devices, voting booths, or delivery of precinct supplies and travel expenses for delivery of precinct returns;
(5) Legal notices and published instructions in connection with the election, closing of registration, or canvassing;
(6) Printing of ballots, poll books, tally books, instructions, signs, and other precinct supplies;
(7) Repairs and maintenance of voting and vote tallying equipment;
(8) Rentals for polling places and storage facilities for voting machines or devices;
(9) Depreciation for voting equipment so long as such charges over the useful life of such equipment do not exceed the original value of the equipment;
(10) That portion of the overhead cost of buildings or office space which is equal to the total of such costs multiplied by the ratio of the number of employee hours directly attributable to the major public energy project bond measure and the total number of employee hours for that office;
(11) Data processing costs for programming related to the election and for machine time for program testing, and vote tallying.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 29A.04.610. WSR 04-15-089, § 434-291-130, filed 7/16/04, effective 8/16/04. WSR 98-08-010, recodified as § 434-291-130, filed 3/18/98, effective 3/18/98. Statutory Authority: RCW 29.04.080 and 29.81.070. WSR 82-12-022 (Order 82-1), § 434-91-130, filed 5/25/82.]
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