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PDFWAC 420-12-030

Grant program deadlines.

(1) Applications must be submitted by the due date approved by the board. Unless otherwise authorized by the board, the director and staff have no authority to extend the application filing deadlines. Excepted are applications for programs where the director specifically establishes another deadline to accomplish new or revised statutory direction, board direction, or to meet a federal grant application deadline.
(2) To prepare a project agreement, certain documents or materials in addition to the application may be required by the office. These documents or materials must be provided by the applicant to the office at least two calendar months after the date the board or director approves funding for the project or earlier to meet a federal grant program requirement. After this period, the board or director may rescind the offer of grant funds and reallocate the grant funds to another project(s).
(3) An applicant has three calendar months from the date the office sends the project agreement to sign and return the agreement to the office. After this period, the board or director may reject any agreement not signed and returned, and reallocate the grant funds to another project(s).
(4) Compliance with the deadlines is required unless it is extended by the board or director. Such extensions are considered based on several factors which may vary with the type of extension requested, including any one or more of the following:
(a) Current status and progress made to meet the deadline;
(b) The reason the established deadline could not be met;
(c) When the deadline will be met;
(d) Impact on the board's evaluation process;
(e) Equity to other applicants; and
(f) Such other information as may be relevant.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 77.85.120 (1)(d) and chapter 34.05 RCW. WSR 16-07-085, § 420-12-030, filed 3/17/16, effective 4/17/16. Statutory Authority: RCW 42.17.250, [42.17].260(5), [42.17.]290, 43.21C.120(1), chapters 34.05, 42.30, 77.85 RCW. WSR 01-04-052, § 420-12-030, filed 2/2/01, effective 3/5/01.]
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