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Chapter 415-110 WAC

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WAC Sections

HTMLPDF415-110-020Public records.
HTMLPDF415-110-030Statewide cities retirement system.
HTMLPDF415-110-040AppealsDisability cases.
HTMLPDF415-110-115How is a position determined eligible?
HTMLPDF415-110-315How do I designate a beneficiary, and who will receive a distribution if I die before retirement?
HTMLPDF415-110-340Actuarial factors and schedules.
HTMLPDF415-110-400Retirement allowance deduction for payment of insurance premiums.
HTMLPDF415-110-436SERS Plans 2 and 3 disability benefits.
HTMLPDF415-110-441Purpose and scope of compensation earnable rules.
HTMLPDF415-110-443SERS reportable compensation table.
HTMLPDF415-110-445What compensation can be reported?
HTMLPDF415-110-451Salary or wages.
HTMLPDF415-110-453Performance bonuses.
HTMLPDF415-110-455Cafeteria plans.
HTMLPDF415-110-456Leave payments earned over time.
HTMLPDF415-110-457Retroactive salary increases.
HTMLPDF415-110-458Severance pay earned over time.
HTMLPDF415-110-459Payroll deductions.
HTMLPDF415-110-463Payments not for services rendered.
HTMLPDF415-110-464Legislative leave.
HTMLPDF415-110-465Paid leave not earned over time.
HTMLPDF415-110-466Union leave.
HTMLPDF415-110-467Reinstatement or payment instead of reinstatement.
HTMLPDF415-110-468Compensation authorized by statute for periods of absence due to sickness or injury.
HTMLPDF415-110-469Standby pay.
HTMLPDF415-110-470Nonmoney maintenance.
HTMLPDF415-110-475Fringe benefits.
HTMLPDF415-110-477Disability insurance.
HTMLPDF415-110-479Workers' compensation.
HTMLPDF415-110-480VehiclesDoes the value of my use of an employer vehicle qualify as compensation earnable?
HTMLPDF415-110-482Illegal payments.
HTMLPDF415-110-483Optional payments.
HTMLPDF415-110-484Reimbursements for expenses.
HTMLPDF415-110-485Vehicle allowancesAre vehicle allowances earnable compensation?
HTMLPDF415-110-487Retirement bonus or incentive.
HTMLPDF415-110-488Severance pay not earned over timeContract buy outs.
HTMLPDF415-110-491Salary imputed to periods of unpaid leave.
HTMLPDF415-110-550Elected officialsEligibility for retirement service membership.
HTMLPDF415-110-560Appointed officialsEligibility and application for retirement service membership.
HTMLPDF415-110-570Elected and appointed officialsRequirements for service credit.
HTMLPDF415-110-575How is the compensation adjustment for elected officials computed?
HTMLPDF415-110-610What are my retirement benefit options?
HTMLPDF415-110-679Purpose and scope of eligibility rules.
HTMLPDF415-110-680Am I eligible for membership?
HTMLPDF415-110-685Am I eligible for membership and service credit as a classified substitute employee?
HTMLPDF415-110-700Can I qualify for membership if I work in more than one ineligible position with the same employer?
HTMLPDF415-110-710What are the return to work rules for SERS Plan 2 and Plan 3?
HTMLPDF415-110-720ParticipationCan I be excluded from participating in membership even if I am employed in an eligible position?
HTMLPDF415-110-725If I have retired from another retirement system or am eligible to retire, am I excluded from participating in SERS?
HTMLPDF415-110-728If I work in both a SERS position and TRS position during the same school year, which system will I be in?
HTMLPDF415-110-800When does a member of the school employees' retirement system (SERS) enter retirement status?
HTMLPDF415-110-815What is the minimum dollar limit used to determine a Plan 3 lump sum benefit payment?
HTMLPDF415-110-817May I waive my Plan 3 one percent retirement benefit?
HTMLPDF415-110-820Interim retirement allowanceFinal computation of retirement allowanceAdjustment of retirement allowance for errors.
HTMLPDF415-110-830How does the department calculate the retirement allowance of a SERS Plan 2 or Plan 3 member who retires, reenters SERS membership, and then retires again?
HTMLPDF415-110-910Conversion of service from PERS to SERS.
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