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Chapter 415-108 WAC

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HTMLPDF415-108-010Definitions in the public employees' retirement system.
HTMLPDF415-108-020Public records.
HTMLPDF415-108-030Statewide cities retirement system.
HTMLPDF415-108-070Excess contributions to employees' savings fund.
HTMLPDF415-108-315How do I designate a beneficiary, and who will receive a distribution if I die before retirement?
HTMLPDF415-108-326What are my retirement benefit options?
HTMLPDF415-108-340Actuarial factors and schedules.
HTMLPDF415-108-350What is the judicial benefit multiplier program?
HTMLPDF415-108-400Purpose and scope.
HTMLPDF415-108-420Scope of authority.
HTMLPDF415-108-425How do I determine if I have plan choice rights or transfer rights to PERS Plan 3?
HTMLPDF415-108-432PERS Plan 1 duty disability benefits.
HTMLPDF415-108-434PERS Plan 1 nonduty disability benefits.
HTMLPDF415-108-436PERS Plans 2 and 3 disability benefits.
HTMLPDF415-108-441Purpose and scope of compensation earnable rules.
HTMLPDF415-108-443PERS reportable compensation table.
HTMLPDF415-108-445What compensation can be reported?
HTMLPDF415-108-451Salary or wages.
HTMLPDF415-108-453Performance bonuses.
HTMLPDF415-108-455Cafeteria plans.
HTMLPDF415-108-456Leave payments earned over time.
HTMLPDF415-108-457Retroactive salary increases.
HTMLPDF415-108-458Severance pay earned over time.
HTMLPDF415-108-459Payroll deductions.
HTMLPDF415-108-463Payments not for services rendered.
HTMLPDF415-108-464Legislative leave.
HTMLPDF415-108-465Is paid leave not earned over time reportable compensation for PERS?
HTMLPDF415-108-466Do I receive reportable compensation for union leave?
HTMLPDF415-108-467Reinstatement or payment instead of reinstatement.
HTMLPDF415-108-468Compensation authorized by statute for periods of absence due to sickness or injury.
HTMLPDF415-108-469Standby pay.
HTMLPDF415-108-470Nonmoney maintenance.
HTMLPDF415-108-475Fringe benefits.
HTMLPDF415-108-477Disability insurance.
HTMLPDF415-108-479Workers' compensation.
HTMLPDF415-108-480Vehicles—Does the value of my use of an employer vehicle qualify as compensation earnable?
HTMLPDF415-108-482Illegal payments.
HTMLPDF415-108-483Optional payments.
HTMLPDF415-108-484Reimbursements for expenses.
HTMLPDF415-108-485Vehicle allowances—Are vehicle allowances earnable compensation?
HTMLPDF415-108-487Retirement bonus or incentive.
HTMLPDF415-108-488Severance pay not earned over time—Contract buy outs.
HTMLPDF415-108-491Salary imputed to periods of unpaid leave.
HTMLPDF415-108-510Treatment of cash payments made in lieu of unused leave—First-in-first-out accounting method for determining when leave earned—Forms of leave deemed excess compensation—Conversions.
HTMLPDF415-108-520Membership exceptions—Student and spouse of student.
HTMLPDF415-108-550Elected officials—Eligibility and application for retirement service membership.
HTMLPDF415-108-560Appointed officials—Eligibility and application for retirement service membership.
HTMLPDF415-108-570As an elected or appointed official, what are my requirements for service credit?
HTMLPDF415-108-575May I retire from PERS while holding an elective position?
HTMLPDF415-108-620Requirements for a union to be a PERS I union employer.
HTMLPDF415-108-630Calculation and verification of PERS membership requirement.
HTMLPDF415-108-640Effect of meeting union verification requirements.
HTMLPDF415-108-650Effect on unions seeking to maintain union employer status if verification requirement is not met.
HTMLPDF415-108-660Plan I union employer verification form.
HTMLPDF415-108-679Purpose and scope of eligibility rules.
HTMLPDF415-108-680Am I eligible for membership?
HTMLPDF415-108-690How is my membership eligibility evaluated?
HTMLPDF415-108-700Can I qualify for membership if I work in more than one ineligible position with the same employer?
HTMLPDF415-108-710What are the return to work rules for PERS Plan 1, Plan 2, and Plan 3?
HTMLPDF415-108-720Participation—Can I be excluded from participating in membership even if I am employed in an eligible position?
HTMLPDF415-108-725If I have retired from another retirement system or am eligible to retire, am I excluded from participating in PERS?
HTMLPDF415-108-726Can I earn service credit in PERS and another retirement plan at the same time?
HTMLPDF415-108-727Can I transfer service credit earned as a cadet in the public employees' retirement system to the Washington state patrol retirement system Plans 1 or 2?
HTMLPDF415-108-728If I work concurrently in a PERS position and TRS position, which system will I be in?
HTMLPDF415-108-730Membership for city managers.
HTMLPDF415-108-800When do I enter retirement status?
HTMLPDF415-108-805What is the PERS Plan 1 minimum allowance?
HTMLPDF415-108-810Calculation of retirement allowance pursuant to Bowles v. Retirement Systems—Eligibility—Procedure.
HTMLPDF415-108-815What is the minimum dollar limit used to determine a Plan 3 lump sum benefit payment?
HTMLPDF415-108-820Interim retirement allowance—Employer final compensation report—Final computation of retirement allowance—Adjustment of retirement allowance for errors.
HTMLPDF415-108-830How does the department calculate the retirement allowance of a PERS Plan 2 or Plan 3 member who retires, reenters PERS membership, and then retires again?
HTMLPDF415-108-980Will I receive a transfer payment when I transfer to Plan 3?
HTMLPDF415-108-990May I waive my Plan 3 one percent retirement benefit?
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