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WAC 4-30-100

What are the rules governing reciprocity for accountants from foreign countries?

(1) Under the authority provided by RCW 18.04.183, the board may rely on the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, or other professional bodies for evaluation of foreign accounting credential equivalency.
(2) Your foreign accounting credential may be accepted in partial satisfaction of licensing requirements if:
(a) You met the foreign issuing body's education, examination, and ethical requirements used to qualify its domestic candidates;
(b) Your foreign accounting credential is valid and in good standing at the time you apply for a Washington state license; and
(c) The foreign issuing body granting your foreign accounting credential permits Washington CPAs an equivalent opportunity to receive the foreign accounting credential by reciprocity.
(d) You demonstrate satisfactory experience within the eight years prior to submitting your application in public accounting or other experience meeting the requirements of RCW 18.04.105 (1)(d).
The board will, by policy, identify acceptable foreign accounting credentials and acknowledge reciprocal agreements with bodies granting foreign accounting credentials.
(3) The board may require a qualifying examination(s) to determine if you possess adequate knowledge of U.S. practice standards and the board's regulations. The board will, by policy, specify the form of qualifying examination(s) and passing grade(s).
(4) You must:
(a) Meet the CPE requirements of WAC 4-30-134 for subsequent renewal of an initial license issued pursuant to the board's authority; and
(b) Achieve and document a passing grade of ninety percent or better on a course covering the complete content of the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct.
(5) If you hold a Washington state CPA license or certificate issued through the foreign reciprocity provisions of the act, you must notify the board of any investigations undertaken, or sanctions imposed, by a foreign credentialing body against your foreign credential within thirty days of your receiving notice that an investigation has begun or a sanction was imposed.
(6) If you hold a Washington state license or certificate issued through the foreign reciprocity provisions of the act, you must notify the board within thirty days if your foreign license, permit, or certificate has lapsed or otherwise becomes invalid.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 18.04.183. WSR 10-24-009, amended and recodified as § 4-30-100, filed 11/18/10, effective 12/19/10; WSR 01-22-036, § 4-25-781, filed 10/30/01, effective 12/1/01. Statutory Authority: RCW 18.04.055 and 18.04.183. WSR 00-11-076, § 4-25-781, filed 5/15/00, effective 6/30/00.]
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