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PDFWAC 4-30-056

What are the limitations regarding individual and firm names?

A firm name that does not consist of the name(s) of one or more present or former owners must be approved in advance by the board as not being deceptive or misleading.
Misleading or deceptive firm names are prohibited. The following are examples of misleading firm names. The board does not intend this listing to be all inclusive. The firm name:
(1) Implies it is a legal entity when it is not such an entity (as by the use of the designations "P.C.," "P.S.," "Inc. P.S.," or "L.L.C.");
(2) Implies the existence of a partnership when one does not exist;
(3) Includes the name of a person who is neither a present nor a past owner of the firm; or
(4) Implies educational or professional attainments, specialty designations, or licensing recognition not supported in fact.
A licensee may not operate under an alias, a firm name, title, or "DBA" that differs from the firm name that is registered with the board. A CPA or a CPA-Inactive certificate holder may not use the title in association with a name that is not registered with the board.
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