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Chapter 392-410 WAC

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(Formerly chapter 180-50 WAC)

WAC Sections

HTMLPDF392-410-100Authority and purpose.
HTMLPDF392-410-110Prospective application of amendments to this chapter.
HTMLPDF392-410-115Mandatory areas of study in the common school.
HTMLPDF392-410-120Washington state history and government requirements.
HTMLPDF392-410-135Physical educationGrade school and high school requirement.
HTMLPDF392-410-136Physical education requirementExcuse.
HTMLPDF392-410-140Sexual health educationDefinitionOptional course or subject matterExcusal of students.
HTMLPDF392-410-150Sexual abuse prevention curricula.
HTMLPDF392-410-300Equivalency course of studyCredit for learning experiences conducted away from school or by persons not employed by the school district.
HTMLPDF392-410-310Equivalency course of studyCredit for correspondence courses, electronically mediated courses, and college courses.
HTMLPDF392-410-315Equivalency course of study—Credit for worksite learning.
HTMLPDF392-410-316Equivalency course of studyElective credit for paid work experience.
HTMLPDF392-410-320Equivalency course of studyNational Guard high school career training and Washington National Guard youth challenge programApproval procedures.
HTMLPDF392-410-325Washington National Guard youth challenge programCourse contentCredits.
HTMLPDF392-410-327Washington National Guard youth challenge programCourse contentCredits.
HTMLPDF392-410-330Exceptions to graduation requirements for former educational center students.
HTMLPDF392-410-340Equivalency credit for alternative learning experiences, nonhigh school courses, electronically mediated courses, work experience, and challenges.
HTMLPDF392-410-350Seal of biliteracy.
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