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PDFWAC 392-348-210

Basic policy.

Believing that the welfare of the state and its children require secondary schools which (1) can provide a comprehensive program broad enough to meet the varied needs, abilities and interests of students, (2) are adequately staffed with certified teachers assigned to teach in their fields of competency, (3) are administered by properly certified personnel, (4) can provide adequate pupil-personnel service, (5) can provide school plant facilities suitable to the type of organization and program offered, (6) can give assurance of financial ability and willingness to construct, maintain and operate the facility, and (7) do not duplicate existent educational facilities and/or programs, it shall be the policy of the superintendent of public instruction to approve applications for the establishment in any high school district of any secondary program or any new grades in grades nine through twelve only when there is evidence that the foregoing conditions can be fulfilled.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28A.305.130 (5), (10), 28A.315.015 (2)(e), 28A.315.175, 28A.315.195(4), 28A.315.205(3). WSR 06-17-038, amended and recodified as ยง 392-348-210, filed 8/8/06, effective 9/8/06. SBE 56-8-51, filed 3/29/65, effective 4/29/65; Emergency and Permanent Rule, filed 6/21/63.]
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