Chapter 392-144 WAC

Last Update: 8/1/19


WAC Sections

392-144-005Purpose and authority.
392-144-010Chapter requirements—Employment.
392-144-030Training and qualifications of school bus driver instructors—Administration.
392-144-040Application to contractors.
392-144-045Use of charter bus companies.
392-144-101Initial requirements for school bus drivers.
392-144-102Continuing requirements for authorized school bus drivers.
392-144-103Disqualifying conditions for authorized school bus drivers.
392-144-110Temporary authorizations—Requirements and issuing procedures.
392-144-120School bus driver authorization—Requirements and issuing procedures.
392-144-130Discipline—Grounds for denial, suspension, or revocation of authorization—Emergency suspension—Appeals—Adjudicative proceedings.
392-144-135School bus driver—Medical examiner's certificate requirements.
392-144-140School bus driver—Reporting.
392-144-150Local education agency—Reporting.
392-144-160Local education agency—Verification of driver's continuing compliance.
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