Chapter 392-137 WAC

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WAC Sections

392-137-110Nonresident attendance exempt from adjudication.
392-137-115Student residence—Definition.
392-137-120Resident district—Definition.
392-137-125Nonresident district—Definition.
392-137-130Release of students to nonresident districts.
392-137-135Affecting condition—Ground for release.
392-137-140Accessibility to work or child care—Ground for release.
392-137-145Special condition—Ground for release.
392-137-150Desegregation—Ground for denial of release.
392-137-155Appeal to SPI—Denial of release.
392-137-160Admission by nonresident district—Released students.
392-137-190Appeal notice—Denial of release or admission.
392-137-195Filing of notices of appeal.
392-137-200Appeal to SPI—Denial of application by nonresident district.
392-137-205Noncompliance with standards and procedures—Ground for admission.
392-137-225Length of release.
392-137-230Length of acceptance.
392-137-235Residency of handicapped children—Special condition.
392-137-240Transportation of students—Funding—Cooperative agreements.
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