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PDFWAC 392-136-075

School districts—Annual one hundred eighty-day limitation on accumulated sick leave balance for buy out purpose.

The maximum accumulated sick leave balance for buy out purpose shall be controlled as follows:
(1) Commencing at midnight December 31, 1983 and on each midnight December 31 thereafter, and prior to the addition of sick leave earned for January, but after the transactions for sick leave earned and used for December and after reductions of sick leave balance due to conversion of sick leave during January, each employee of a school district shall be limited for sick leave buy out purpose to a maximum earned sick leave balance of one hundred eighty days on such date and time. This balance does not include any front end loaded or other days which may be posted for sick leave purpose but not earned for sick leave buy out purpose.
(2) Commencing on January 31, 1984 and on the end of each month thereafter there shall be added to the accumulated sick leave balance of each employee for sick leave buy out purpose sick leave earned during that month.
(3) Each employee whose sick leave balance for buy out purpose exceeds one hundred eighty days on midnight December 31, computed in accordance with the first paragraph of this section, shall lose days accumulated that are in excess of this maximum in January of each year if such employee fails to exercise the annual buy out option provided for in this chapter or if such employee's sick leave buy out balance exceeds this maximum for any other reason.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28A.21.360 and 28A.58.096. WSR 84-04-034 (Order 84-2), § 392-136-075, filed 1/26/84.]
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