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PDFWAC 388-891A-0205

How do I ask for an exception to a rule in this chapter?

(1) You may ask DVR staff to assist you in requesting an exception to a rule. They will help you to write and submit a request.
(2) When you make a request for an exception to a rule in this chapter, you must submit it to the DVR director or designee in writing. The request must include:
(a) A description of the exception you are requesting;
(b) The reason you are asking for the exception; and
(c) The duration of the exception, if applicable.
(3) An exception requesting a medical service that DVR does not otherwise provide may only be made when the service is on a limited basis or for a short duration that you specify in the request.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 74.29.020(8) and 34 C.F.R., Parts 361, 363, 397. WSR 18-12-035, ยง 388-891A-0205, filed 5/29/18, effective 6/30/18.]
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