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Chapter 388-61A WAC

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(Formerly chapter 248-554 WAC)

WAC Sections

HTMLPDF388-61A-1000What definitions apply to this chapter?
HTMLPDF388-61A-1005What is the legal basis for establishing minimum standards for domestic violence programs?
HTMLPDF388-61A-1010What is the purpose of this chapter?
HTMLPDF388-61A-1015What service model must be used to provide the services required by this chapter?
HTMLPDF388-61A-1020Is the department required to provide funding to any program that requests funding?
HTMLPDF388-61A-1025What services must a department-funded domestic violence program provide?
HTMLPDF388-61A-1030What are the requirements for providing emergency shelter?
HTMLPDF388-61A-1035What services and resources must be available to children/youth residing in emergency shelter?
HTMLPDF388-61A-1040What are the requirements for a crisis hotline or helpline?
HTMLPDF388-61A-1045What prevention efforts must you provide?
HTMLPDF388-61A-1050What activities are not considered prevention?
HTMLPDF388-61A-1055What information must be in a client's file?
HTMLPDF388-61A-1060What information must the domestic violence program keep confidential?
HTMLPDF388-61A-1065What information may be disclosed?
HTMLPDF388-61A-1070What are the requirements for a written waiver of confidentiality?
HTMLPDF388-61A-1075What must you provide to clients about their right to confidentiality?
HTMLPDF388-61A-1080What type of training is required for staff of the domestic violence program?
HTMLPDF388-61A-1085How should training be documented?
HTMLPDF388-61A-1090Must supervisors of domestic violence program staff have specific experience and training?
HTMLPDF388-61A-1095What written policies or procedures do you need to have?
HTMLPDF388-61A-1100What safety requirements are emergency shelters required to meet?
HTMLPDF388-61A-1105What are the requirements for bedrooms?
HTMLPDF388-61A-1110What are the requirements for cribs or bassinets?
HTMLPDF388-61A-1115What kind of diaper changing area must I provide?
HTMLPDF388-61A-1120What are the kitchen requirements?
HTMLPDF388-61A-1125What are the requirements for providing food to clients residing in emergency shelter?
HTMLPDF388-61A-1130What are the requirements for providing clothing to clients residing in emergency shelter?
HTMLPDF388-61A-1135What personal hygiene items do I need to provide to clients residing in emergency shelter?
HTMLPDF388-61A-1140What are the requirements for toilets, sinks, and bathing facilities?
HTMLPDF388-61A-1145What types of linen do I need to provide to clients?
HTMLPDF388-61A-1150What are the requirements for laundry facilities?
HTMLPDF388-61A-1155What are the requirements for drinking water?
HTMLPDF388-61A-1160What are the requirements for sewage and liquid wastes?
HTMLPDF388-61A-1165What kind of heating is required?
HTMLPDF388-61A-1170How must I ventilate the emergency shelter?
HTMLPDF388-61A-1175How much lighting is required in the emergency shelter?
HTMLPDF388-61A-1180What are the requirements about pets in the emergency shelter?
HTMLPDF388-61A-1185What first-aid supplies must I provide?
HTMLPDF388-61A-1190What are the requirements for storing medications?
HTMLPDF388-61A-1195What measures must I take for pest control?
HTMLPDF388-61A-1200What are the requirements for labeling and storing chemicals and toxic materials?
HTMLPDF388-61A-1205Where do I keep firearms and other dangerous weapons?
HTMLPDF388-61A-1210Will the department evaluate its contractors?
HTMLPDF388-61A-1215What will happen if I am out of compliance with the minimum standards or my contract?
HTMLPDF388-61A-1220What will happen if there is a complaint to the department about the contractor?
HTMLPDF388-61A-1225May the department waive any of the minimum standards of this chapter?
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