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PDFWAC 388-60B-0125

Quality managementWhat are the minimum treatment outcomes for participants and how must a program measure staff and treatment effectiveness?

Each treatment program certified to provide assessments or any level of domestic violence intervention treatment must document program specific quality management procedures to increase staff and program treatment effectiveness.
(1) Programs providing assessments or any level of domestic violence intervention treatment must document their quality management in writing and at a minimum include:
(a) How the program monitors compliance with the rules in this chapter, at a minimum every six months, including the supervisor's direct observance of groups when applicable and a review of assessments and participants' records for compliance with this chapter and the program's policies and procedures;
(b) How the program reviews and improves its cultural competency, at a minimum on an annual basis;
(c) How the program will provide services to participants who require sign language or interpretation; and
(d) How the program regularly attends and participates in a local domestic violence task force, intervention committee, or workgroup in their service area.
(2) Programs providing any level of domestic violence intervention treatment must also document in writing:
(a) The use of evidence based or promising practices;
(b) A copy of the program's treatment outline along with any handouts, exercises, or instructions, as a guide for the facilitators of groups;
(c) How the program coordinates with local victim services;
(d) How the program collaborates with at least one other certified domestic violence intervention treatment program, either electronically or in person, including written documentation of regularly scheduled opportunities for:
(i) Confidential case staffing;
(ii) Collaboration in the delivery of domestic violence intervention treatment services; and
(iii) Procedures for victim safety;
(e) The policies and procedures the program has in place regarding complaints and grievances; and
(f) How the program collects a confidential evaluation of treatment outcomes for treatment participants which must outline how:
(i) Each participant is given a treatment outcomes evaluation at discharge and asked to complete it at that time. The treatment outcomes form is found online at or may be requested by mail from:
Domestic violence intervention
treatment program manager
Department of social and
health services (DSHS)
P.O. Box 45710
Olympia, Washington 98504-5710
(ii) The confidential results of the treatment outcomes evaluation is sealed by the participant after it is completed and submitted by the program to DSHS by United States mail by the 15th day of the month, for the previous quarter;
(A) The first quarter is January 1 to March 31, with the results due to DSHS by April 15;
(B) The second quarter is April 1 to June 30, with the results due to DSHS by July 15;
(C) The third quarter is July 1 to September 30, with the results due to DSHS by October 15;
(D) The fourth quarter is October 1 to December 31, with the results due to DSHS by January 15; 
(g) If the program fails to submit quarterly treatment outcome evaluation data to the department by the designated deadlines, the department may require corrective actions, initiate an investigation, or take action on the program's certification status; and
(h) If the survivor chooses to provide feedback, the program will provide them with a treatment outcomes evaluation for survivors regarding their experience of the participant's behaviors before, during treatment, and at discharge; 
(i) The treatment outcomes form for survivors is found at or may be requested by mail from the address listed in this subsection; and
(ii) The survivor may give the outcomes evaluation to the program to be kept confidential and sent to DSHS quarterly, or they may send it directly to DSHS if they choose by United States mail to the address listed in this subsection or electronically to
[WSR 19-15-044, recodified as § 388-60B-0125, filed 7/11/19, effective 7/28/19. WSR 18-14-078, recodified as § 110-60A-0125, filed 6/29/18, effective 7/1/18. Statutory Authority: RCW 26.50.150. WSR 18-12-034, § 388-60A-0125, filed 5/29/18, effective 6/29/18.]
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