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PDFWAC 388-434-0010

How do I get basic food benefits after my certification period ends?

To keep getting basic food benefits after your certification period in WAC 388-416-0005 ends, we must determine if you are still eligible for benefits. This is called recertification.
(1) To be recertified for basic food, you must:
(a) Sign and turn in an application for benefits as required under WAC 388-406-0010;
(b) Complete an interview if you are required to have one under WAC 388-452-0005; and
(c) Submit needed proof of your circumstances if we ask for it.
(2) We keep depositing your benefits into your EBT (electronic benefit transfer) account on the same day of the month if you reapply timely and get certified before your certification period ends. To reapply timely, we must get your application by the fifteenth day of the last month of your certification period.
(3) We send you a letter telling you if your benefits are approved or denied as required under chapter 388-458 WAC.
(4) You will get an approval or denial letter by the end of your current certification period if you reapply timely.
(5) Your basic food benefits stop at the end of your certification period if you do not turn in an application form by the end of your current certification period.
(6) We start your basic food benefits from the first of the month of your new certification period if we determine you are eligible.
(a) Your benefits for the first month of your new certification period may be delayed if you do not reapply timely.
(b) You have until the end of the month following your certification period end date to complete an interview if required and provide any requested proof of your circumstances.
(c) We will not approve your recertification if you do not meet all requirements for verification by the end of the month following your certification end date.
(7) We treat your application as a new application for benefits if we receive it after your certification period ends. We start your basic food from the date we received the application after we determine if you are eligible.
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