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PDFWAC 388-310-1400

WorkFirst—Community service.

(1) What is community service?
Community service is unpaid work (such as the work performed by volunteer workers) that:
(a) You perform for a charitable nonprofit organization, federal, state, local or tribal government or district, including traditional activities that perpetuate tribal culture and customs; or
(b) You self-initiate at a childcare or preschool facility licensed under chapter 43.215 RCW, or at an elementary school in which your child is enrolled.
(2) What other activities may be approved, even though they are not considered community service, because they benefit me, my family, my community or my tribe and might be included in my individual responsibility plan?
(a) Caring for a disabled family member;
(b) Caring for a child, if you are fifty-five years old or older and receiving TANF or SFA assistance for the child as a relative (instead of as the child's parent);
(c) Providing childcare for another WorkFirst participant who is doing community service;
(d) Actively participating in a drug or alcohol assessment or treatment program which is certified or contracted by the state under chapter 70.96A RCW;
(e) Participating in family violence counseling or drug or alcohol treatment that will help you become employable or keep your job (this is called "specialized services" in state law);
(f) Participating in the pregnancy to employment pathway; and/or
(g) Job preparation.
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