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PDFWAC 388-02-0197

When is a prehearing conference scheduled?

(1) The ALJ may require a prehearing conference. Any party may request a prehearing conference.
(2) The ALJ must grant the first request for a prehearing conference if it is received by the OAH at least seven business days before the scheduled hearing date.
(3) The ALJ may grant untimely or additional requests for prehearing conferences.
(4) If the parties do not agree to a continuance, the OAH and/or the ALJ must set a prehearing conference to decide whether there is good cause to grant or deny the continuance.
(5) The OAH must schedule prehearing conferences for all cases which concern actions of the following department programs:
(a) Adult protective services; and
(b) The division of residential care services.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 34.05.020, 34.05.220. WSR 11-04-074, ยง 388-02-0197, filed 1/31/11, effective 3/3/11.]
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