Chapter 357-58 WAC

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357-58-005What is the key role and accountability for Washington management service employees in state government?
357-58-010What is the purpose of the Washington management service (WMS) rules?
357-58-015Who is authorized to adopt rules for the WMS?
357-58-020What are the goals of the WMS rules?
357-58-025Are WMS employees included in the classified service and what rules apply to WMS employees and positions?
357-58-027Must agencies maintain position descriptions for each WMS position?
357-58-028Must a standard form be used to describe each WMS position?
357-58-032What is the requirement for agencies to develop procedures which address determining inclusion in WMS and evaluating positions for placement within the management bands?
357-58-035What is the definition of a manager or managerial employee?
357-58-040Are there any manager positions or managerial employees that are not included in the WMS?
357-58-042What happens when it has been determined that a position no longer meets the definition of manager found in WAC 357-58-035?
357-58-045Who is covered by the WMS rules?
357-58-050What chapters of civil service rules apply to WMS positions?
357-58-055What civil service rules do not apply to WMS?
357-58-060Do the WMS rules apply to all general government employers?
357-58-065Definitions for WMS.
357-58-070What are the responsibilities of each agency for effectively managing and budgeting salaries for WMS positions?
357-58-075Must agencies have a salary administration policy?
357-58-080How are positions assigned to the management bands?
357-58-081How are positions placed into the WMS medical band?
357-58-085Can WMS salaries be set outside the maximum of an assigned management band?
357-58-087If the legislature approves a salary increase, will employees whose base salaries are set outside the maximum of the assigned management band receive the salary increase?
357-58-090For what reasons can an agency adjust a WMS salary?
357-58-095May agencies provide salary increases for WMS employees?
357-58-096How often may agencies provide salary increases for WMS employees?
357-58-100Is there a limit for salary increases?
357-58-105When can exceptions to the salary increase limits be made?
357-58-110What is a promotion?
357-58-115What is a voluntary demotion and what changes may occur in salary?
357-58-120What is a disciplinary demotion and what changes may occur in salary?
357-58-125What is an involuntary downward movement and how does that affect the salary?
357-58-126How is the employee affected when his/her position is involuntarily moved downward as described in WAC 357-58-125?
357-58-130Do salary increases greater than five percent for a group of employees need approval?
357-58-132Upon return from exempt service, how is a WMS employee's salary set?
357-58-136Can an employer authorize a lump sum payment to support recruitment and/or retention of a WMS position?
357-58-137For what reasons may a WMS employee be required to pay back the recruitment and/or retention lump sum payment?
357-58-145When may an agency authorize lump sum relocation compensation?
357-58-150For what reasons may an employee be required to pay back the relocation payment?
357-58-155Must the agency develop written criteria for relocation compensation?
357-58-160How are hours of work established for WMS employees?
357-58-165Do WMS employees receive leave benefits?
357-58-170What about other pay issues?
357-58-175Can an employer authorize lump sum vacation leave or accelerate vacation leave accrual rates to support the recruitment and/or retention of an incumbent or candidate for a WMS position?
357-58-180Must an agency have a policy regarding authorization of additional leave to support the recruitment of a candidate or the retention of an incumbent for a WMS position?
357-58-185Must an agency develop a recruitment and selection policy and/or procedure for WMS positions?
357-58-190What must be addressed in agency's WMS recruitment and selection policy and/or procedure?
357-58-195Are employers required to grant promotional preference when filling WMS positions?
357-58-200How may transfers occur?
357-58-205Under what conditions may an employer reassign a WMS employee?
357-58-210When may a WMS employee transfer to a WGS position and vice versa?
357-58-215May a permanent employee voluntarily demote to a WGS position?
357-58-220May a permanent WMS employee accept a nonpermanent appointment in the WGS?
357-58-225What return rights must an employer provide to a permanent WMS employee who accepts a nonpermanent appointment to a WGS position?
357-58-226What happens when a WMS employee who was serving a review period and was appointed to a WGS nonpermanent position returns to the same or different WMS position?
357-58-230May a permanent WMS employee accept an appointment to a project position in the general service and does the employee have any return right to his/her permanent WMS position?
357-58-235May employers create WMS positions in projects?
357-58-240What are the notification requirements for appointing an employee to a project WMS position?
357-58-245Must an employee appointed to a project position serve a review period?
357-58-250Must an employee who transfers or voluntarily demotes to a project WMS position serve a review period?
357-58-255May a permanent WMS employee accept a project appointment within WMS and does the employee have any return rights to his/her permanent WMS position?
357-58-260What happens to employees in project WMS positions at the conclusion of the project?
357-58-265When may an agency make an acting WMS appointment and what actions are required?
357-58-270Does time in an acting appointment count as time in the review period?
357-58-275May a permanent WMS employee accept an acting WMS appointment and what are the employee's return rights at the conclusion of the acting appointment?
357-58-280How much notice must an employer give for ending an acting appointment?
357-58-285When must a WMS employee serve a review period?
357-58-290How long does the review period last?
357-58-295May a review period be extended beyond the initial time period?
357-58-300Does time spent on leave without pay or shared leave count towards completion of an employee's review period?
357-58-305When does a WMS employee attain permanent status?
357-58-310When may a WMS employee be required to serve a WMS review period?
357-58-315When may an employee, who is promoted to another WMS position, in a different agency, while serving a review period, be required to serve a WMS review period?
357-58-320What happens when a WMS employee promotes to a new WMS position within the same agency while serving in a review period?
357-58-325What happens when a WGS employee serving a probationary or trial service period is appointed to a WMS position within the same agency?
357-58-330What happens when a WGS employee serving a probationary or trial service period is appointed to a WMS position in a different agency?
357-58-335When a WMS employee is promoted in the same position as a result of additional new duties, is a review period required?
357-58-340When does reversion take place during a review period?
357-58-345When a permanent WMS employee does not complete the review period, what reversion rights does the employee have?
357-58-350When a permanent WGS employee does not complete the review period for a WMS position, what reversion rights does the employee have?
357-58-355Can a permanent employee voluntarily revert during a review period?
357-58-360May a reverted employee and an agency come to mutual agreement on reversion placement?
357-58-365Does a WMS employee who does not have permanent status in the classified service have reversion rights?
357-58-370Are there any appeal rights for reversion or separation during the review period?
357-58-375When permanent WMS employees promote or demote to positions in the general service and fail to complete the trial service period what reversion rights do permanent WMS employees have?
357-58-385What is the responsibility of general government employers to provide training and development to WMS employees?
357-58-390What is the responsibility of WMS managers?
357-58-395What will be the role of the department of enterprise services?
357-58-400How does each agency deal with developmental needs of managers?
357-58-405In addition to the requirements of chapter 357-37 WAC, what must the performance management process focus on for WMS employees?
357-58-410When and how often must performance feedback be provided to a WMS employee through the formal evaluation process?
357-58-415What forms and procedures must employers use to plan for and evaluate the performance of managers?
357-58-420May employers supplement the standardized performance evaluation procedures and forms?
357-58-425May an employer factor in employee performance when granting recognition leave and when making layoff decisions for WMS employees?
357-58-430How does an employer receive performance management confirmation which enables them to factor in performance when granting recognition leave and when making layoff decisions for WMS employees?
357-58-435What elements will the director evaluate to determine if an employer should be granted performance management confirmation?
357-58-438What is the impact of a layoff?
357-58-440How may an employer lay off WMS employees and what notice is required?
357-58-445What are the reasons for layoff?
357-58-450How does a WMS employee return from an exempt appointment?
357-58-455How does an employer implement a layoff action?
357-58-460What must be included in the employer's layoff procedure?
357-58-465What option does a permanent employee in a WMS position have to take a position when the employee is scheduled for layoff?
357-58-470How does an employer determine an employee's employment retention rating?
357-58-475Does a veteran receive any preference in layoff?
357-58-477Is a WMS employee who is rehired following layoff considered to have had a break in state service?
357-58-480What provisions governs separation due to disability for WMS employees?
357-58-485What provisions governs nondisciplinary separation for WMS employees?
357-58-490What provisions governs separation for unauthorized absence for WMS employees?
357-58-500May an employee request withdrawal of his/her resignation?
357-58-505Does a WMS employee have appeal rights?
357-58-510Can the agency's decision regarding which WMS position to eliminate in a layoff action be appealed?
357-58-515When a WMS employee disagrees with an employer's action, can the employee request the employer reconsider the action that was taken?
357-58-520What requirements must be included in the agency's WMS reconsideration procedures?
357-58-525How does the employee request reconsideration of an agency action?
357-58-530What is the responsibility of agencies to track and analyze requests for reconsideration of agency actions?
357-58-540What type of records are agencies required to keep and report for WMS employees?
357-58-546What is the director's authority to review actions taken by an agency under chapter 357-58 WAC or to audit an agency's WMS processes?
357-58-550May an employer temporarily layoff a WMS employee?
357-58-551Are there any limits to temporary layoff?
357-58-552Under the provisions of temporary layoff, what happens if an employer has less than twenty hours per week of work for a WMS employee to perform?
357-58-553What is the notice requirement to temporarily layoff a WMS employee?
357-58-554What is a WMS employee's status during temporary layoff?
357-58-555At the conclusion of a temporary layoff, does a WMS employee have the right to return to the position he/she held immediately prior to being temporarily laid off?
357-58-556How is a WMS employee's temporary layoff day determined when an employee works a night shift schedule which begins one calendar day and ends on the next?
357-58-565What mechanism must be used to report WMS inclusion and evaluation activities?
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