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Chapter 357-43 WAC

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HTMLPDF357-43-001What definitions apply to this chapter of the civil service rules?
HTMLPDF357-43-003Can EBU members choose which civil service rules will apply to them?
HTMLPDF357-43-005What is the purpose of this chapter?
HTMLPDF357-43-007What provisions apply when an employee's position is eliminated because the employer has awarded a contract through the competitive contracting process as described in Title 200 WAC?
HTMLPDF357-43-008What happens if an employee chooses to not be a part of the employee business unit?
HTMLPDF357-43-015Which rules explain employee business unit bid submittal and bid evaluation?
HTMLPDF357-43-020Are employee business unit members classified employees?
HTMLPDF357-43-025What establishes the terms and conditions of employment for employee business unit members?
HTMLPDF357-43-030Must employment within an employee business unit comply with applicable federal, state and municipal statutes and regulations?
HTMLPDF357-43-035May authority be delegated within an employee business unit?
HTMLPDF357-43-040Must employee business unit members complete employer required training?
HTMLPDF357-43-050Must an employer include positions in an employee business unit in the employer's affirmative action plan?
HTMLPDF357-43-110Can an employee business unit member accept an appointment in an exempt position or a classified position outside of the employee business unit?
HTMLPDF357-43-115If an employee business unit member accepts an appointment to an exempt position, what are the employee's return rights?
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