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PDFWAC 357-31-575

Must an agency have a written policy regarding sick leave pools?

Prior to creating a sick leave pool, an agency that decides to participate in the sick leave pool program must appoint an administrator for each sick leave pool and develop a written policy which at a minimum addresses:
(1) Eligibility requirements for employees who wish to participate;
(2) Enrollment process including when open enrollment will occur;
(3) Amount of sick leave an employee must initially contribute to become a participant;
(4) Amount of sick leave a participating employee must contribute when a pool becomes depleted;
(5) When a pool will be considered to be "depleted";
(6) What happens when a participating employee does not have enough leave to contribute to the pool;
(7) The process and criteria that will be used when a sick leave pool participant needs to withdraw sick leave from the pool;
(8) What happens when there is not enough leave in a pool to cover pool participants' requests to withdraw leave;
(9) The manner in which alleged abuse of the sick leave pool will be investigated and what actions will be taken if it has been determined that abuse has occurred;
(10) The manner in which employees can request an internal review of a finding of wrongdoing under subsection (9) of this section;
(11) Transferring of sick leave credits when a pool participant moves from one pool to another pool; and
(12) What happens to leave credits that are in a pool if the pool is disbanded.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 41.06 RCW. WSR 07-11-095, ยง 357-31-575, filed 5/16/07, effective 7/1/07.]
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