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PDFWAC 357-31-005

For the purpose of chapter 357-31 WAC, what days are recognized as holidays?

The following days are designated as holidays for the purpose of chapter 357-31 WAC:
(1) The first day of January (New Year's Day);
(2) The third Monday of January (Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday);
(3) The third Monday of February (Presidents' Day);
(4) The last Monday of May (Memorial Day);
(5) The nineteenth day of June (Juneteenth);
(6) The fourth day of July (Independence Day);
(7) The first Monday in September (Labor Day);
(8) The eleventh day of November (Veterans Day);
(9) The fourth Thursday in November (Thanksgiving Day);
(10) The Friday immediately following the fourth Thursday in November (Native American Heritage Day); and
(11) The twenty-fifth day of December (Christmas Day).
Higher education employers may designate other days to be observed in place of the above holidays. Holiday schedules for higher education employers may be determined on a calendar or fiscal year basis. When a higher education employer establishes a modified schedule, paid holidays must be granted based on the modified schedule.
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