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Chapter 357-28 WAC

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WAC Sections

HTMLPDF357-28-010Who adopts the compensation plan?
HTMLPDF357-28-015How is the compensation plan prepared and revised?
HTMLPDF357-28-020What must the compensation plan include?
HTMLPDF357-28-025Can the director adopt special pay salary ranges?
HTMLPDF357-28-026For what reasons may the director adopt special pay ranges and/or compensation practices for institutions of higher education and related boards?
HTMLPDF357-28-027How long will higher education special pay ranges remain in effect?
HTMLPDF357-28-028By whom and for what reasons may a higher education special pay request be submitted to the director?
HTMLPDF357-28-029When making a special pay request for higher education, what information must the requesting party provide?
HTMLPDF357-28-030Must employers have a salary determination policy?
HTMLPDF357-28-035What must be addressed in the employer's salary determination policy?
HTMLPDF357-28-040Can an employee's base salary be set above the maximum of the salary range?
HTMLPDF357-28-042If the legislature approves a salary increase will employees whose base salaries are set above the maximum of a salary range assigned to the position receive the salary increase?
HTMLPDF357-28-045How is part-time employment compensated?
HTMLPDF357-28-050What is the periodic increment date (PID)?
HTMLPDF357-28-055How is the periodic increment date determined for a general government employee?
HTMLPDF357-28-056How is the periodic increment date determined for a higher education employee?
HTMLPDF357-28-060When does an employee receive an increment increase?
HTMLPDF357-28-065What are the effective dates of increment increases?
HTMLPDF357-28-070Can an employer adjust the timing and amount of increment increases?
HTMLPDF357-28-080How does an employee allocated to a class with a special pay salary range progress through the range?
HTMLPDF357-28-082Is step M on the salary schedule different than other salary steps?
HTMLPDF357-28-084May an employee be appointed to step M upon demotion (voluntary or involuntary)?
HTMLPDF357-28-086When may an employee progress to step M of the salary range?
HTMLPDF357-28-088If an employee transfers or demotes will the time spent at step L count towards the six years to qualify for step M in the new position?
HTMLPDF357-28-090Can an employer adjust an employee's base salary within the employee's current salary range for recruitment, retention, or other business related reasons?
HTMLPDF357-28-095Can an employer authorize additional pay to support recruitment and/or retention of a position?
HTMLPDF357-28-100When must an employer receive director approval to authorize additional pay to support recruitment or retention of an employee or candidate for a position?
HTMLPDF357-28-110Must an employee who is promoted receive a salary increase?
HTMLPDF357-28-115Must an employee occupying a position that is reallocated to a class with a higher salary range receive a salary increase?
HTMLPDF357-28-120What is the base salary of an employee occupying a position that is reallocated to a class with the same or lower salary range?
HTMLPDF357-28-130How is an employee's base salary determined if the director creates, abolishes, or revises a class?
HTMLPDF357-28-135How is an employee's salary determined when the employee is appointed to a position due to a layoff action?
HTMLPDF357-28-140How is an employee's salary determined upon transfer?
HTMLPDF357-28-145How is an employee's salary determined upon reassignment?
HTMLPDF357-28-150How is an employee's salary determined upon reversion?
HTMLPDF357-28-155How is an employee's salary determined upon demotion?
HTMLPDF357-28-160How is an employee's salary determined upon elevation?
HTMLPDF357-28-165When an exempt position is converted to classified, how is the base salary of the incumbent determined?
HTMLPDF357-28-175What is assignment pay?
HTMLPDF357-28-180When may employers authorize assignment pay?
HTMLPDF357-28-185What is the requirement for employers to compensate employees for being called back to work?
HTMLPDF357-28-190When must an employee receive shift premium?
HTMLPDF357-28-195What general government positions must be paid supplemental shift premium?
HTMLPDF357-28-200When must an employee receive holiday premium pay?
HTMLPDF357-28-203When must an employee receive location based premium pay?
HTMLPDF357-28-205When must an employee receive standby pay?
HTMLPDF357-28-210What is the rate of compensation for standby pay?
HTMLPDF357-28-215When must an employee receive supervisory pay differential?
HTMLPDF357-28-220How are hours of work established for employees?
HTMLPDF357-28-225Are employers required to develop flexible time schedules?
HTMLPDF357-28-230Can an employer assign or reassign an employee to a flex-time schedule?
HTMLPDF357-28-235Can an employee request assignment to a flex-time schedule?
HTMLPDF357-28-240Must employers assign an overtime eligibility designation to each position?
HTMLPDF357-28-250Must employers inform employees whether they are eligible to receive overtime compensation or not?
HTMLPDF357-28-252Under what conditions can the employer change an overtime eligible employee's assigned hours?
HTMLPDF357-28-255What constitutes overtime for an overtime eligible employee?
HTMLPDF357-28-260At what rate must overtime be compensated?
HTMLPDF357-28-265For the purpose of computing eligibility for overtime compensation, are holidays and leave with pay considered time worked?
HTMLPDF357-28-275When may compensatory time off be granted in lieu of pay?
HTMLPDF357-28-280When may compensatory time off be used?
HTMLPDF357-28-285When must compensatory time be paid in cash?
HTMLPDF357-28-301When must holiday credit be paid in cash?
HTMLPDF357-28-310When can an employee receive relocation compensation?
HTMLPDF357-28-315What would cause an employee to be required to pay back the relocation payment?
HTMLPDF357-28-320Must the employer develop written criteria for relocation compensation?
HTMLPDF357-28-325When will salary surveys be done?
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