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PDFWAC 332-18-010


The following definitions shall apply to these rules:
(1) "The act" means the Washington Surface Mining Act, chapter 78.44 RCW.
(2) "Buffers" are synonymous with screening as used in the act.
(3) "Completed application" means receipt and approval by the department of all information required in the act, including:
(a) A reclamation plan;
(b) Performance security;
(c) The application fee; and
(d) Evidence that SEPA review has been completed.
(4) "Completed reclamation" as referred to in the act means final reclamation that has been approved by the department. Prior to approval, the department shall assure that the vegetative cover, soil stability, and water conditions of the reclaimed segment are appropriate to the approved subsequent use of the site. After July 1, 1995, final approval shall be given in writing by the department.
(5) "Enforcement" as used in these rules and the act means the regulatory authority to identify and document the status of compliance of a surface mine, and authority to impose sanctions under the act and these rules.
(6) "Land use plan" and "land use designation" refer to approval of the site for mining and for the use after mining by the appropriate city, town, or county government.
(7) "Simple and accurate legal description" in the act means the Government Land Office grid location (quarter section(s), section, Township, Range, and Meridian). Alternatively, the applicant or reclamation permit holder may provide a certified land survey. Metes and bounds descriptions are generally unacceptable for permits issued or revised after July 1, 1994.
Other terms used in these rules are defined in the act.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 78.44.040, 34.05.220, 43.21C.135 and 78.44.250. WSR 94-14-051, § 332-18-010, filed 6/30/94, effective 8/2/94; Order 86, § 332-18-010, filed 10/27/70, effective 11/28/70.]
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