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PDFWAC 314-55-520

Category I.

Violations of a severity that would make a license eligible for cancellation on a first offense. The board may not cancel a license for a single violation, unless it can prove a Category I violation by a preponderance of the evidence.
Category I
Violations of a Severity That Would Make a License Eligible for Cancellation on the First Offense
Violation Type
1st Violation
2nd Violation in a Two-year Window
Cannabis purchased from an unlicensed entity.
WAC 314-55-083(4)
License cancellation
Cannabis sold to an unlicensed, nonretail source. Illegal sales out of the licensed market place.
WAC 314-55-083(4)
License cancellation
Condition of suspension violation: Failure to follow any suspension restriction while cannabis license is suspended.
Original penalty plus 10-day suspension with no monetary option
License cancellation
Transportation or storage of cannabis to or from an unlicensed source, diversion of product, or both.
WAC 314-55-083(4)
License cancellation
Transportation of cannabis outside of Washington state boundaries.
RCW 69.50.342 (1)(k)
RCW 69.50.345(10)
WAC 314-55-310(1)
License cancellation
True party of interest (TPI). Allowing a person to exercise ownership or control if the person would not have qualified based on affiliation with a criminal enterprise as described in chapter 69.50 RCW.
WAC 314-55-035(1)
License cancellation
Financier. Receiving money from a financier that was not disclosed to or approved by the board when the financier has a criminal history demonstrating an affiliation with criminal enterprises, gangs, or cartels; or the money provided by a financier originated from criminal enterprises, gangs, or cartels.
WAC 314-55-035(4)
License cancellation
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