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Chapter 314-12 WAC

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HTMLPDF314-12-010License does not grant vested right.
HTMLPDF314-12-015Receipt of liquor laws/rules summary.
HTMLPDF314-12-020Continuing conditions to hold a liquor license.
HTMLPDF314-12-027Financial interest and ownership.
HTMLPDF314-12-030Display of licenses.
HTMLPDF314-12-035Furnishing of information and/or documentation to the board.
HTMLPDF314-12-040Prorating and refunding of fees—Discontinuance of business.
HTMLPDF314-12-050Loss or destruction of licenses, permits, etc.—Fee.
HTMLPDF314-12-070Applications for currently licensed locations.
HTMLPDF314-12-085Self-dispensing wine machines and self-service beer taps.
HTMLPDF314-12-140Prohibited practices—Contracts—Gifts—Rebates, etc.
HTMLPDF314-12-141Courses of instruction.
HTMLPDF314-12-146Private label spirits.
HTMLPDF314-12-150Definitions—"Pasteurized beer," "gallon."
HTMLPDF314-12-210Chronic public inebriation and alcohol impact areas—Purpose.
HTMLPDF314-12-215Alcohol impact areas—Definition—Guidelines.
HTMLPDF314-12-220General review.
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