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PDFWAC 314-02-037

What are the floor space requirements for a spirits, beer, and wine nightclub license?

(1) The liquor and cannabis board has the responsibility to classify what licensed premises or what portions of a licensed premises are off limits to minors.
(a) Any areas in the licensed premises where alcohol is sold, served, or consumed is classified as off-limits to minors (RCW 66.44.310(2)).
(b) Minors may be allowed on the licensed premises but only in areas where alcohol is not served or consumed.
(2) Barriers - Licensees must place barriers separating restricted areas from areas where minors will be allowed.
(a) The barriers must clearly separate restricted areas and must be at least forty-two inches high.
(b) The barriers may be moveable.
(c) Entrances to restricted areas may not be wider than ten feet. If a licensee has more than one entrance along one wall, the total entrance areas may not exceed ten feet.
(d) "Minor prohibited" signs, as required under WAC 314-11-060(1), must be posted at each entrance to a restricted area.
(3) If the business allows minors, the primary entrance must open directly into a nonrestricted area. Minors must be able to access restrooms without passing through a restricted area.
(4) Floor plans - When applying for a spirits, beer, and wine nightclub license, the applicant must provide to the board's licensing and regulation division two copies of a detailed drawing of the entire premises. If there will be different floor plans for different types of events that change the location and/or dimensions of the restricted area(s), the applicant must provide two copies of a detailed drawing for each floor plan. All restricted areas must be designated on the floor plan(s) and be approved by the board. The drawing must be labeled with the type of event. The drawing must:
(a) Have all rooms labeled according to their use; e.g., lounge, dance floor, stage area, foyer, restrooms, etc.; and
(b) Have all barriers labeled in a descriptive way; e.g., "full wall," "half wall," etc.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 66.08.030. WSR 17-12-030, § 314-02-037, filed 5/31/17, effective 7/1/17. Statutory Authority: RCW 66.08.030 and 66.24.600. WSR 10-01-091, § 314-02-037, filed 12/16/09, effective 1/16/10.]
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