Chapter 308-96A WAC

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WAC Sections

308-96A-015Replacement certificate of registration—Documents required.
308-96A-021Replacement plates—Requirements.
308-96A-026Vehicle transit permit.
308-96A-046Qualified veteran's free license.
308-96A-047Cooper Jones/Share the Road license plate emblems affixed to license plates.
308-96A-048Distribution of the first twenty-five sequential special license plates.
308-96A-050Nonresident members of the armed forces—Plates displayed.
308-96A-056Pearl Harbor survivor license plates.
308-96A-057Purple Heart license plates.
308-96A-062Transfer or destruction of honorary consul special license plates.
308-96A-064Transfer or loss/destruction of foreign organization special license plates.
308-96A-065Personalized license plates.
308-96A-070Amateur radio operator special license plates.
308-96A-071Military affiliate radio system special license plates.
308-96A-072Square dancer license plates.
308-96A-073Antique vehicle—Horseless carriage license plate.
308-96A-074Collector vehicle and restored license plates.
308-96A-076Law enforcement memorial special vehicle license plate series.
308-96A-077Volunteer firefighter special vehicle license plate series.
308-96A-078Professional firefighters and paramedics special vehicle license plate series.
308-96A-079Helping Kids Speak special vehicle license plate series.
308-96A-080Undercover and confidential license plates—Application procedures.
308-96A-085Undercover and confidential license plates—Agency contact.
308-96A-090Undercover or confidential license plates—Vehicle inventory.
308-96A-095Undercover or confidential license plates—Cancellation.
308-96A-096Registration requirements.
308-96A-098Surrender and disposition of license plates.
308-96A-099Use class descriptions.
308-96A-101Scale weight required for licensing.
308-96A-110Private carrier bus.
308-96A-135Fixed load vehicles.
308-96A-136Mopeds—License plates.
308-96A-139Neighborhood and medium speed electric vehicles—Requirements.
308-96A-145Cab and chassis.
308-96A-161Fleet registration.
308-96A-175Ride-sharing vehicles.
308-96A-176Special transportation needs for ride-share vehicles.
308-96A-180Registration of rental vehicles.
308-96A-201Purchasing gross weight—Expiration dates.
308-96A-202Power units towing trailers with permanent registrations.
308-96A-203Permanent trailer registrations.
308-96A-205Gross weight—Increasing declared gross weight.
308-96A-206Gross weight—Decreasing declared gross weight.
308-96A-207Gross weight—Changing from a farm use class to a nonfarm use class.
308-96A-208Gross weight—Changing from a nonfarm use class to a farm use class.
308-96A-210Gross weight—Transfer of gross weight license to new owner.
308-96A-220Gross weight—Transfer of gross weight license to a replacement vehicle.
308-96A-260Assignment of original registration year.
308-96A-275Assignment of fleet registration expiration.
308-96A-295Display of tabs.
308-96A-300Changing assigned registration year.
308-96A-350Outstanding vehicle violations—Information to be supplied to the department by issuing jurisdictions.
308-96A-355Satisfaction of vehicle violations—Information to be supplied by issuing jurisdiction.
308-96A-365Reinstatement of parking violation.
308-96A-400Excise tax exemption—Indians.
308-96A-530Veterans remembrance and military service award license plate emblems.
308-96A-545Gold Star license plate.
308-96A-550Vehicle special collegiate license plates.
308-96A-560Special license plates—Criteria for creation or continued issuance.
308-96A-570Invalid or fraudulent DOT numbers—Cancellation of registrations.
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