Chapter 308-93 WAC

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WAC Sections

308-93-030Vessels subject to excise tax, registration and titling exemptions.
308-93-055Vessels from out-of-state operating in this state—Nonresident vessel permit required.
308-93-056Out of country vessel operating in this state—Vessel visitor permit required.
308-93-060Registration period.
308-93-069Application for certificate of ownership—Accompanied by.
308-93-070Application for certificate of ownership/registration.
308-93-071Class "A" and Class "B" certificate of ownership.
308-93-076Vessel brands and comments.
308-93-078Temporary use of an unregistered vessel.
308-93-079Government exempt vessels.
308-93-087Disclosure of names and addresses of individual vessel owners.
308-93-088Disclosure violations, penalties.
308-93-089Lists of registered and legal owners of vessels—Furnished for certain purposes—Penalty for unauthorized use.
308-93-090Leased or rented vessels.
308-93-140Decals—Placement, size, and color.
308-93-145Vessel registration numbers—Display, size, color.
308-93-146Vessel carbon monoxide warning sticker.
308-93-160Excise tax exemptions—Indians.
308-93-200Involuntary transfer of a vessel.
308-93-220Department may refuse or cancel certificates.
308-93-230Procedure for perfecting security interest.
308-93-241Undercover and confidential vessel registration—Application procedures.
308-93-242Undercover/confidential vessel registration—Agency contact.
308-93-243Undercover or confidential vessel registrations—Vessel inventory.
308-93-244Undercover or confidential vessel registrations—Cancellation.
308-93-270Appeals to superior court from suspension, cancellation, or refusal of registration or certificate of ownership.
308-93-275Abandoned vessels.
308-93-276Vessel seller's report of sale.
308-93-280Hull identification numbers.
308-93-285Vessel length measurement.
308-93-295Dealer temporary permits to operate vessels.
308-93-350Erasures and alterations and incorrect information.
308-93-360Application for certificate of ownership required.
308-93-370Format required for name and address—Names separated by the words "and," "or," or the slash symbol (/).
308-93-380Format required for name and address—Ownership in joint tenancy.
308-93-390Vessels held in trust.
308-93-400Multiple security interests.
308-93-440Ownership in doubt—Bonded title or three-year registration without title.
308-93-445Personal property lien—Chattel.
308-93-446Personal property lien—Landlord's lien for rent.
308-93-447Personal property lien—Self-service storage facilities.
308-93-450Signature of owner on application—Exceptions.
308-93-460Release of interest.
308-93-470Certification of signatures.
308-93-490Law enforcement sale.
308-93-500Name change.
308-93-510Transfer by court order.
308-93-520Owner deceased.
308-93-530Owner incompetent—Release of interest.
308-93-540Owner bankrupt—Release of interest.
308-93-650Title purpose only.
308-93-700Indian tribe vessels.
308-93-720Indian tribe exempt vessels.
308-93-730Indian tribe vessel numbering system.
308-93-740Indian tribe vessel registration.
308-93-750Improper Indian tribe registration.
308-93-760Indian tribe vessel computer database.
308-93-770Disclosure of Indian tribal vessel data.
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