Chapter 308-66 WAC

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WAC Sections

308-66-120Dealer's license application.
308-66-135Expiration of dealer and manufacturer licenses.
308-66-140Place of business and places of business.
308-66-145Established place of business—Waiver procedure.
308-66-150Warranty practices.
308-66-152Unlawful practices.
308-66-160Dealer's and manufacturer's license plates.
308-66-165Vehicle sales transactions.
308-66-170Denial, suspension or revocation of license.
308-66-175Buyer's agent—Standard disclosures.
308-66-177Trust account.
308-66-180Record of transactions.
308-66-182Records—Buyer's agents.
308-66-190Transfer of certificate of title by dealer.
308-66-195Possession of certificates of ownership.
308-66-200Assignment of vehicle to another dealer.
308-66-210Statement of change in business structure, ownership interest or control.
308-66-211Termination of business.
308-66-212Sale, transfer or other disposition of noncorporate licensee.
308-66-214Incorporation of licensee while licensed.
308-66-220Display of vehicles by combination wrecker-dealer.
308-66-225Remanufactured vehicles in whole or in part.
308-66-227Disclosure of title brands.
308-66-240Bond cancellation, closure notice.
308-66-250Internet business.
308-66-260Dealer license plates—Waiver procedure.
308-66-270Vehicle industry organization—Definition.
308-66-280Course and education provider approval required.
308-66-290General requirements for course approval.
308-66-300Disciplinary action—Procedures—Investigation.
308-66-310Grounds for denial or withdrawal of education provider or course material.
308-66-320Hearing procedure.
308-66-330Record retention.
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