Chapter 308-65 WAC

Last Update: 11/21/16


WAC Sections

308-65-030Established place of business.
308-65-040Hulk hauler—Application for license.
308-65-050Expiration of hulk hauler license.
308-65-060Hulk hauler—Special plates.
308-65-070Hulk hauler—General procedures and requirements.
308-65-080Hulk hauler—Procedures for acquiring and selling vehicles.
308-65-090Scrap processor—Application for license.
308-65-100Expiration of scrap processor license.
308-65-110Scrap processor—Special plates.
308-65-120Scrap processor—General procedures and requirements.
308-65-130Scrap processor—Procedures for acquiring vehicles for demolition.
308-65-140Scrap processor—Procedures for monthly reports.
308-65-150Statement of change in business structure, ownership interest or control.
308-65-160Termination of business.
308-65-170Sale, transfer or other disposition of noncorporate licensee.
308-65-190Incorporation of licensee while licensed.
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