Chapter 308-56A WAC

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WAC Sections

308-56A-006Quick titles—Issuance by subagents.
308-56A-010Title purpose only and no title issued.
308-56A-020Application for certificate of ownership required.
308-56A-021Assessment criteria for penalty fee.
308-56A-024Stolen vehicle check required for certificate of ownership.
308-56A-030Owner name and address—Recorded on the vehicle record—Application for certificate of ownership.
308-56A-040Name and address—Change of address.
308-56A-056Names separated by the words "and," "or," or the slash symbol "/."
308-56A-060Ownership in joint tenancy.
308-56A-065Vehicles held in trust.
308-56A-070Leased vehicles.
308-56A-075Multiple legal owners.
308-56A-110New vehicles—Manufacturer's statement/certificate of origin.
308-56A-115Vehicles from a state or country other than Washington.
308-56A-140Department temporary permit.
308-56A-150Certificate of vehicle inspection.
308-56A-160Model year—How determined.
308-56A-200Replacement Washington certificate of ownership.
308-56A-210Ownership in doubt—Bonded title or three-year registration without title.
308-56A-215Erasures, alterations, and incorrect information.
308-56A-250Signature of registered owner on application—Exceptions.
308-56A-265Releasing interest.
308-56A-270Forms of signature.
308-56A-275Certification of signature.
308-56A-295Vehicle sold—Reported stolen—Liability if abandoned.
308-56A-300Application for certificate of ownership for abandoned vehicles.
308-56A-305Law enforcement sale.
308-56A-310Personal property lien—Chattel.
308-56A-311Personal property lien—Landlord's lien for rent.
308-56A-312Personal property lien—Self-service storage facilities.
308-56A-315Name change.
308-56A-320Transfer by court order.
308-56A-325Owner incompetent.
308-56A-330Owner bankrupt.
308-56A-335Owner deceased.
308-56A-405Acquired from United States government.
308-56A-410No application required.
308-56A-415Application in dealers name.
308-56A-420Delivery of vehicle on dealer temporary permit.
308-56A-425Obtaining dealer temporary permits.
308-56A-450Glider kits.
308-56A-455Assembled and homemade vehicles.
308-56A-460Destroyed or wrecked vehicle—Reporting—Rebuilt.
308-56A-505Elimination of manufactured home certificate of ownership (title)—Eligibility.
308-56A-525Vehicle seller's report of sale.
308-56A-530Vehicles brands and comments.
308-56A-640Odometer disclosure statement.
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