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PDFWAC 308-51B-060


No person, firm or corporation will be deemed a supplier for purposes of this chapter, unless it:
(1) Permanently and unalterably identifies all merchandise with the name of the contract beneficiary;
(2) Submits, upon request of the board, a report of all merchandise which has been purchased through a Washington cemetery authority and has been placed in storage;
(3) Permits the board or its designee, at any time, to examine stored merchandise which was purchased through a Washington cemetery authority and to examine any document pertaining thereto;
(4) Submits evidence of a bond ensuring the existing and good title of any merchandise due any contract beneficiary purchased through a Washington cemetery authority; and
(5) Submits evidence ensuring that all merchandise purchased through a Washington cemetery authority and being stored by the supplier is insured for casualty, theft or other loss.
Subsection (1) of this section will not apply to merchandise that is manufactured and stored without being permanently labeled or engraved with the beneficiaries' name. Suppliers must maintain an inventory equal to the amount sold.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 68.05.105 and 18.39.175. WSR 20-09-031, ยง 308-51B-060, filed 4/6/20, effective 5/7/20.]
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