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Chapter 308-30 WAC

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WAC Sections

HTMLPDF308-30-030Application process for notary public commission.
HTMLPDF308-30-040Approval or denial of application.
HTMLPDF308-30-050Term of commission.
HTMLPDF308-30-060Application fees.
HTMLPDF308-30-070Size and form of official seal or stamp.
HTMLPDF308-30-080Acquiring official seal or stamp.
HTMLPDF308-30-090Replacement of lost or stolen official seal or stamp.
HTMLPDF308-30-100Notary signature.
HTMLPDF308-30-110Requirements for notarial acts.
HTMLPDF308-30-120Authorized electronic notarial acts.
HTMLPDF308-30-130Requirements for technologies and technology providers.
HTMLPDF308-30-140Refusal of requests to use system.
HTMLPDF308-30-150Completion of electronic notarial certificate.
HTMLPDF308-30-160Certification of electronic notarial acts.
HTMLPDF308-30-170Electronic notarial signature.
HTMLPDF308-30-180Electronic notarial stamp.
HTMLPDF308-30-190Journal of notarial acts required.
HTMLPDF308-30-200Format of journals of notarial acts.
HTMLPDF308-30-210Disposition of journal.
HTMLPDF308-30-220Fees for notarial acts.
HTMLPDF308-30-250Change of name or address.
HTMLPDF308-30-260Evidence of authenticity.
HTMLPDF308-30-270Termination or suspension of commission or endorsement.
HTMLPDF308-30-280Change of application information.
HTMLPDF308-30-290Authorized remote notarial acts.
HTMLPDF308-30-300Standards for identity proofing.
HTMLPDF308-30-310Standards for communication technology.
HTMLPDF308-30-320Certificate of notarial act for remote notarial acts.
HTMLPDF308-30-330Retention of audio-visual recordings and repositories.
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