Chapter 308-15 WAC

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WAC Sections

308-15-010State board of licensing.
308-15-030How do I apply for a geologist license?
308-15-040What are the minimum requirements to be eligible for a geologist license?
308-15-050What is the examination process to be licensed as a geologist?
308-15-053What are the specialty licenses?
308-15-055What are the minimum requirements to be eligible for an engineering geologist specialty license?
308-15-057What are the minimum requirements to be eligible for a hydrogeologist specialty license?
308-15-060What are the minimum requirements for obtaining a geologist or specialty license by reciprocity?
308-15-070Do I need a seal?
308-15-075When do I need to use my stamp/seal?
308-15-080What do I need to know about renewing or reinstating my license?
308-15-103How are brief adjudicative proceedings (BAPs) conducted?
308-15-105Brief adjudicative proceedings.
308-15-107Records required for the brief adjudicative proceeding.
308-15-140What are the rules of professional conduct?
308-15-160Board member rules of conduct—Activities incompatible with public duties—Financial interests in transactions.
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