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PDFWAC 308-08-270

Depositions in adjudicative proceedings—Protection of parties and deponents.

After notice is served for taking a deposition, upon its own motion or upon motion reasonably made by any party or by the person to be examined and upon notice and for good cause shown, the department or its designated presiding officer may make an order that the deposition shall not be taken, or that it may be taken only at some designated place other than that stated in the notice, or that it may be taken only on written interrogatories, or that certain matters shall not be inquired into, or that the scope of the examination shall be limited to certain matters, or that the examination shall be limited to certain matters, or that the examination shall be held with no one present except the parties to the action and their officers or counsel, or that after being sealed, the deposition shall be opened only by order of the department or that business secrets or secret processes, developments, or research need not be disclosed, or that the parties shall simultaneously file specified documents, or information enclosed in sealed envelopes to be opened as directed by the affected agency or the agency may make any other order which justice requires to protect the party or witness from annoyance, embarrassment or oppression. At any time during the taking of the deposition, on motion of any party or of the deponent and upon a showing that the examination is being conducted in bad faith or in such manner as unreasonably to annoy, embarrass, or oppress the deponent or party, the department, or its designated presiding officer may order the officer conducting the examination to cease forthwith from taking the deposition, or may limit the scope and manner of the taking of the deposition as above provided. If the order made terminates the examination, it shall be resumed thereafter only upon the order of the department. Upon demand of the objecting party or deponent, the taking of the deposition shall be suspended for the time necessary to make a motion for an order.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 34.05.220 (1)(a). WSR 90-21-086, § 308-08-270, filed 10/17/90, effective 11/17/90; Regulation .08.270, effective 3/23/60.]
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