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PDFWAC 292-100-105

Discovery—Authority of presiding officer.

After a finding of reasonable cause, no discovery is permitted by a party pursuant to WAC 292-100-110 through 292-100-150 unless authorized by the presiding officer. In deciding whether to authorize discovery and the extent of discovery to be allowed, the presiding officer shall consider the party's need for discovery while ensuring that discovery does not unduly delay the hearing. If the determination of reasonable cause includes an allegation that the respondent has violated RCW 42.52.180, the presiding officer shall permit discovery by the parties. Prior to the appointment of a presiding officer, the chair or other member designated by the board may authorize discovery if the party can demonstrate a compelling reason why discovery must be conducted prior to the appointment of a presiding officer.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 42.52.360 (2)(b). WSR 99-06-073, § 292-100-105, filed 3/2/99, effective 4/2/99.]
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