Chapter 284-44 WAC

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WAC Sections

284-44-010Title and application.
284-44-015Discretionary clauses prohibited.
284-44-030Contract format required.
284-44-040Contract standards required.
284-44-042Temporomandibular joint disorders—Specified offer of coverage required—Terms of specified offer defined—Proof of offer must be maintained—Discrimination prohibited—Terms defined.
284-44-043Experimental and investigational prescriptions, treatments, procedures, or services—Definition required—Standard for definition—Written notice of denial required—Appeal process required.
284-44-045Benefits for registered nurses' services.
284-44-046Mammograms—Coverage requirements and exceptions.
284-44-050Group certificates to be furnished.
284-44-070Effective date.
284-44-250Accounting method.
284-44-300Purpose and applicability.
284-44-310Agreement underwritten by insurance.
284-44-320Agreement guaranteed by a surety company.
284-44-330Agreement guaranteed by a deposit of cash or securities.
284-44-340Modification of amount of reimbursement or indemnity.
284-44-350Records and reporting.
284-44-450PKU formula coverage requirements and exceptions.
284-44-500Alternative care—General rules as to minimum standards.
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