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PDFWAC 284-29-210

Real property information.

(1) A title company may give to a producer without charge information about a specific parcel of real property located in any county, commonly referred to as a "listing package," which consists of information relating to the ownership and status of title to real property. The listing package must be limited to a single copy of one or more of the following six items of information:
(a) The last deed appearing of record;
(b) Deeds of trust, mortgages, and real estate contracts which appear to be in full force and effect;
(c) A map of the property which may show the property's location or dimensions, or both;
(d) Applicable restrictive covenants;
(e) Tax information; and
(f) Property characteristics such as number of rooms, square footage and year built.
(2) A listing package must not include any other real property information such as market value information, demographics, or additions, addenda, or attachments which may be construed as conclusions reached by the title company regarding matters of marketable ownership or encumbrances.
(3) A generic cover letter printed on the standard letterhead of the title company may be attached to the listing package.
(a) The cover letter may include a brief statement identifying by name only, any of the six permitted items included in subsection (1) of this section that may be attached to the cover letter;
(b) The cover letter may contain a disclaimer as to conclusions of marketable ownership or encumbrances; and
(c) The content of the cover letter or listing package is strictly limited to the items listed in this section and must not include any advertising or marketing for the benefit of the recipient.
(4) A title company may give, without charge, to a producer a single copy of a document affecting title to a specific parcel of real property only if:
(a) The cost to the title company of giving the copy of the document, including but not limited to labor and materials, is ten dollars or less; and
(b) The document is not in any manner given to the producer in conjunction with or in association with the giving of other documents related to property in the general locale for which the single document is being given.
(5) A title company must not give a producer reports containing publicly recorded information, comparable sale information, appraisals, estimates, or income production potential, information kits or similar packages containing information about one or more parcels of real property, except as permitted by this section, without charging and actually receiving payment for the actual cost of the work performed and the material provided (for example, costs related to providing farm packages, labels, lot book reports, home books, and tax information).
(6) A title company may give, at no charge, to the proposed insured or insured, copies of any documents set forth as exceptions in a commitment or policy.
(7) If a title company owns or leases and maintains a complete set of tract indexes in a particular county in which the county government does not make copies of recorded documents available on the county's website, then the title company may make copies of the recorded documents available at no charge to the general public on the title company's website.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 48.02.060, 48.29.005 and 48.29.210. WSR 09-05-077 (Matter No. R 2008-21), ยง 284-29-210, filed 2/17/09, effective 3/20/09.]
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