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Chapter 284-24D WAC

Last Update: 6/4/07


WAC Sections

HTMLPDF284-24D-030How will the commissioner ensure data confidentiality under RCW 48.140.060(2)?
HTMLPDF284-24D-040How are closed claims reported to the commissioner?
HTMLPDF284-24D-050How will the OIC assign user ID codes to reporting entities?
HTMLPDF284-24D-060What types of claims must be reported to the commissioner?
HTMLPDF284-24D-070Are write-offs or other small sums of money provided as customer service gestures considered claims?
HTMLPDF284-24D-080When is a claim considered closed?
HTMLPDF284-24D-090When are closed claim reports due?
HTMLPDF284-24D-100Can a reporting entity reopen a claim or make changes to previously reported data?
HTMLPDF284-24D-110How should reporting entities assign claim and incident identifiers?
HTMLPDF284-24D-120When is the primary insuring entity responsible for reporting closed claims to the commissioner?
HTMLPDF284-24D-130When is an excess insuring entity responsible for reporting closed claims to the commissioner?
HTMLPDF284-24D-140When is a self-insurer responsible for reporting closed claims to the commissioner?
HTMLPDF284-24D-150May a self-insurer report claims on behalf of itself and an excess insuring entity?
HTMLPDF284-24D-160When is a facility or provider principally responsible for reporting closed medical malpractice claims to the commissioner?
HTMLPDF284-24D-170What does "date of notice" mean?
HTMLPDF284-24D-180How should the type of medical specialty be reported?
HTMLPDF284-24D-190How should the type of health care facility be reported?
HTMLPDF284-24D-200What should be reported as the primary location where the medical malpractice incident occurred?
HTMLPDF284-24D-210How should the incident city be reported?
HTMLPDF284-24D-220How should injury severity be reported using the National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB) severity scale?
HTMLPDF284-24D-230What should be reported as the reason for the medical malpractice claim?
HTMLPDF284-24D-240How should claim disposition information be reported?
HTMLPDF284-24D-250How should information about the timing of the settlement be reported?
HTMLPDF284-24D-260Are claim payments reported on a gross or net basis?
HTMLPDF284-24D-270What does an insuring entity report when the damages exceed policy limits?
HTMLPDF284-24D-280Are subrogation recoveries subject to reporting?
HTMLPDF284-24D-290How are structured settlements reported?
HTMLPDF284-24D-300If the court itemizes damages, what information must be reported?
HTMLPDF284-24D-310What information must be reported if the court does not itemize damages or a claim is settled by the parties?
HTMLPDF284-24D-320How should "companion claims" be reported?
HTMLPDF284-24D-330How much detail is required when reporting allocated loss adjustment expenses?
HTMLPDF284-24D-340If defense services are provided by company employees, must company overhead be reported with ALAE?
HTMLPDF284-24D-350How are economic damages allocated under RCW 48.140.030 (10)(b)(iii)?
HTMLPDF284-24D-360What elements of economic loss must a reporting entity include when reporting economic damages?
HTMLPDF284-24D-362What process must a person use to estimate economic damages?
HTMLPDF284-24D-364What sources of information can a reporting entity use to estimate economic damages?
HTMLPDF284-24D-366Will the OIC provide guidelines or tools which reporting entities can use when estimating economic damages?
HTMLPDF284-24D-370How are paid and estimated economic damages reported under RCW 48.140.040 (10)(b)(iii)?
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