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PDFWAC 263-12-045

Industrial appeals judges.

(1) Definition. Whenever used in these rules, the term "industrial appeals judge" shall include any member of the board, the chief legal officer, and any duly authorized industrial appeals judge assigned to conduct a conference or hearing.
(2) Duties and powers. It shall be the duty of the industrial appeals judge to conduct conferences or hearings in cases assigned to him or her in an impartial and orderly manner. The industrial appeals judge shall have the authority, subject to the other provisions of these rules:
(a) To administer oaths and affirmations;
(b) To issue subpoenas on request of any party or on his or her motion. Subpoenas may be issued to compel:
(i) The attendance and testimony of witnesses at hearing and/or deposition, or
(ii) The production of books, papers, documents, and other evidence for discovery requests or proceedings before the board;
(c) To rule on all objections and motions including those pertaining to matters of discovery or procedure;
(d) To rule on all offers of proof and receive relevant evidence;
(e) To interrogate witnesses called by the parties in an impartial manner to develop any facts deemed necessary to fairly and adequately decide the appeal;
(f) To secure and present in an impartial manner such evidence, in addition to that presented by the parties, as he or she deems necessary to fairly and equitably decide the appeal, including the obtaining of physical, mental, or vocational examinations or evaluations of workers;
(g) To take appropriate disciplinary action with respect to representatives of parties appearing before the board;
(h) To issue orders joining other parties, on motion of any party, or on his or her own motion when it appears that such other parties may have an interest in or may be affected by the proceedings;
(i) To consolidate appeals for hearing when such consolidation will expedite disposition of the appeals and avoid duplication of testimony and when the rights of the parties will not be prejudiced thereby;
(j) To schedule the presentation of evidence and the filing of pleadings, including the filing of perpetuation depositions;
(k) To close the record on the completion of the taking of all evidence and the filing of pleadings and perpetuation depositions. In the event that the parties do not confirm witnesses or present their evidence within the timelines prescribed by the judge, the judge may consider appropriate sanctions, including closing the record and issuing a proposed decision and order;
(l) To take any other action necessary and authorized by these rules and the law.
(3) Interlocutory review. A party may request interlocutory review pursuant to WAC 263-12-115(6) of any exercise of authority by the industrial appeals judge under this rule.
(4) Substitution of industrial appeals judge. At any time the board or a chief industrial appeals judge or designee may substitute one industrial appeals judge for another in any given appeal.
(5) Pro tem industrial appeals judge. If the board or the chief industrial appeals judge determines that there may be a conflict of interest for an industrial appeals judge to hear a particular appeal or when it is necessary to ensure an appearance of fairness or respond to workload variations, the board may appoint a pro tem industrial appeals judge to preside over the appeal and, if necessary, issue a proposed decision and order.
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