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PDFWAC 250-61-020


A degree-granting institution shall not operate, conduct business, grant or offer to grant any academic courses or degree programs unless the institution has obtained authorization from the council, been granted a waiver of the requirements of authorization, or been determined by the council to be exempt.
The act applies to:
(1) Institutions granting or offering to grant degree programs and/or academic credit courses either at or from a location within the state; and
(2) Institutions maintaining or advertising a Washington location, mailing address, or telecommunications number for any purpose other than contact with the institution's former students; and
(3) Institutions specifically targeting Washington citizens with promotion of their degree programs and/or academic credit courses.
The act does not apply to degree programs and academic credit courses offered exclusively from outside the state through individual and private interstate communication.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.76.120 and 28B.85.020. WSR 19-03-020, § 250-61-020, filed 1/4/19, effective 2/4/19; WSR 15-02-021, § 250-61-020, filed 12/30/14, effective 1/30/15; WSR 09-20-033, § 250-61-020, filed 9/30/09, effective 10/31/09; WSR 09-02-008, § 250-61-020, filed 12/29/08, effective 1/29/09. Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.80.370. WSR 95-01-003, § 250-61-020, filed 12/8/94, effective 1/8/95; WSR 86-24-003 (Order 7/86, Resolution No. 87-34), § 250-61-020, filed 11/20/86.]
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