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PDFWAC 25-12-060


The following is a statement of the general course and method followed in the nomination and designation of historic properties to the state or National Register.
(1) The SHPO shall not schedule any nomination for review by the council if the nomination is poorly prepared, incomplete in any manner, or for a property that does not appear to be eligible for the state or national registers of historic places. The agenda shall be established by the SHPO in cooperation and consultation with the chairperson of the council.
(2) The SHPO may return any nomination to the originator for correction, or for additional information of any kind required for completion and accuracy.
(3) The SHPO shall prepare and distribute standards of acceptability for nominations, for both the state and National Register programs.
(4) The SHPO will notify the owner of the property and the most appropriate local jurisdiction or government of the date, time, and location of the review of the nomination by the council, such notification to occur not more than 75 days nor less than 30 days prior to the scheduled meeting date.
(5) In the nomination of an historic district to the state or National Register where more than 50 property owners are involved, notification shall occur through a notice in a local newspaper of general circulation. The general notice shall be published at least 30 days, but no more than 75 days before the scheduled meeting date. In addition to formal legal notice, proponents of historic districts shall follow an additional notification process to be outlined by the council. For districts of less than 50 property owners, individual notification of the pending nomination will be sent.
(6) Following council review, the council will transmit its recommendations to the SHPO. When the council has reviewed and approved a procedurally correct nomination and has forwarded it to the SHPO, the SHPO will submit the nomination to the National Register, unless, in his opinion, the SHPO considers the property one which does not meet the National Register criteria. A decision to submit a nomination to the National Register is within the discretion of the SHPO. All council determinations regarding nominations are advisory only. In each instance that the SHPO determines a nomination to be ineligible for inclusion in the National Register, he/she shall notify the council of this action at its next regularly scheduled meeting.
(7) The SHPO shall act upon all nominations reviewed by the council prior to its next regularly scheduled meeting, and shall report those actions to the council at that meeting.
(8) The council alone will determine if properties are eligible for listing on the state register at its regularly scheduled meetings.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 27.34.220, 27.53.140, 43.21C.120. WSR 06-06-001, § 25-12-060, filed 2/15/06, effective 3/18/06. Statutory Authority: RCW 43.51A.080. WSR 80-06-096 (Order 6), § 25-12-060, filed 5/30/80.]
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