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PDFWAC 246-924-240

Definitions of categories of creditable continuing education.

(1) All continuing education (CE) activities must be directly relevant to maintaining or increasing professional or scientific competence in psychology.
(2) Courses or workshops primarily designed to increase practice income or office efficiency, are specifically noneligible for CE credit.
(3) Program sponsors or institutes will not receive prior or current board approval for CE status or category.
(4) Courses, seminars, workshops, and postdoctoral institutes offered or sponsored by the following qualify for CE credit for a licensed psychologist:
(a) Educational institutions chartered by a state and recognized (accredited) by a regional association of schools, colleges and universities as providing graduate level course offerings. Documentation must be recorded on an official transcript or certificate of completion;
(b) The American Psychological Association;
(c) Regional or state psychological associations or their subchapters;
(d) Psychology internship training centers;
(e) Other professionally or scientifically recognized behavioral science organizations; and
(f) The Washington state examining board of psychology.
(5) A licensed psychologist may earn credit toward the CE requirement through teaching an approved CE program. The CE credit earned may not exceed thirty hours every three years. Credit for teaching an approved CE program may be earned on the following basis:
(a) One credit hour for each sixty minutes actually spent teaching the program for the first event. Credit may be conferred for teaching similar subject matter only if the psychologist has actually spent an equal or greater amount of preparation time updating the subject matter to be taught on a later occasion.
(b) One credit hour for each sixty minutes actually spent participating in a panel presentation.
(6) A licensed psychologist may earn CE credit by attending an approved training in suicide assessment, treatment, and management.
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