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PDFWAC 246-922-310

Categories of creditable podiatric continuing education activities.

To meet the requirements of WAC 246-922-300, a podiatric physician and surgeon shall earn continuing medical education in the following board-approved categories:
(1) Category 1 - A minimum of fifty hours; however, all one hundred credit hours may be earned in this category. Category 1 activities include:
(a) Scientific courses or seminars approved, offered, or sponsored by the American Podiatric Medical Association and its component societies and affiliated and related organizations; and
(b) Scientific courses or seminars offered or sponsored by entities such as the American Medical Association, the American Osteopathic Association, the American Heart Association, or the American Physical Therapy Association when offering or sponsoring continuing education programs related to podiatric medicine.
(2) Category 2 - A maximum of fifty hours. Category 2 activities include courses or seminars related to health care delivery offered or sponsored by entities such as nonprofit organizations, other proprietary organizations, and individuals when offering or sponsoring continuing education in health care delivery.
(3) Category 3 - A maximum of fifty hours. Category 3 credit hours and activities include:
(a) Up to twenty hours through teaching, lecturing, and publishing in a peer-reviewed, scientific journal or textbook;
(b) Up to twenty hours through online study and programs;
(c) Up to twenty hours through self-study including, but not limited to, specialty board examination preparation, reading papers and publications, or viewing or attending exhibits; and
(d) Up to thirty hours for participation on a staff committee for quality of care or utilization review in a health care institution or government agency, such as serving on a hospital peer-review committee or serving as a board member on the podiatric medical board.
(4) One contact hour is defined as a typical fifty-minute classroom instructional session or its equivalent.
(5) The board will not give prior approval for any continuing medical education. The board will accept any continuing education that reasonably falls within these regulations and relies upon the integrity of each individual podiatric physician and surgeon to comply with these requirements.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 18.22.005, 18.22.015, and 18.130.050. WSR 16-01-106, § 246-922-310, filed 12/16/15, effective 10/1/17. Statutory Authority: RCW 18.22.015. WSR 99-20-096, § 246-922-310, filed 10/5/99, effective 11/5/99; WSR 94-05-051, § 246-922-310, filed 2/10/94, effective 3/13/94; WSR 91-10-041 (Order 158B), § 246-922-310, filed 4/25/91, effective 5/26/91.]
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