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WAC 246-915-010


The definitions in this section apply throughout this chapter unless the context indicates otherwise:
(1) "Board" means the Washington state board of physical therapy.
(2) "CAPTE" means the commission on accreditation for physical therapy education.
(3) "Consultation" means a communication regarding a patient's evaluation and proposed treatment plan with an authorized health care practitioner.
(4) "Department" means the Washington state department of health.
(5) "Direct supervision" means the supervisor shall:
(a) Be continuously on-site and present where the person being supervised is performing services;
(b) Be immediately available to assist the person being supervised in the services being performed; and
(c) Maintain continued involvement in appropriate aspects of each treatment session in which a component of treatment is delegated to assistive personnel or is required to be directly supervised under RCW 18.74.180.
(6) "Indirect supervision" means the supervisor is not on the premises, but has given either written or oral instructions for treatment of the patient and the patient has been examined by the physical therapist at such time as acceptable health care practice requires, and consistent with the particular delegated health care task.
(7) "NPTE" means the National Physical Therapy Examination.
(8) "Other assistive personnel" means other trained or educated health care personnel, not defined in subsection (12)(a) or (b) of this section, who perform specific designated tasks related to physical therapy under the supervision of a physical therapist including, but not limited to, licensed massage therapists, licensed athletic trainers, and exercise physiologists. At the direction of the supervising physical therapist, and if properly credentialed and not prohibited by any other law, other assistive personnel may be identified by the title specific to their training or education.
(9) "Physical therapist" means a person who meets all the requirements of this chapter and is licensed as a physical therapist under chapter 18.74 RCW.
(10) "Sharp debridement" means the removal of devitalized tissue from a wound with scissors, scalpel, and tweezers without anesthesia. Sharp debridement does not mean surgical debridement.
(11) "Spinal manipulation" includes spinal manipulation, spinal manipulative therapy, high velocity thrust maneuvers, and grade five mobilizations of the spine and its immediate articulations.
(12) "Trained supportive personnel" means:
(a) "Physical therapist assistant." An individual who meets all the requirements of this chapter and is licensed as a physical therapist assistant and who performs physical therapy procedures and related tasks that have been selected and delegated only by the supervising physical therapist; or
(b) "Physical therapy aide." An individual who is involved in direct physical therapy patient care who does not meet the definition of a physical therapist or physical therapist assistant and receives ongoing on-the-job training.
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